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Cousins in Tent

This picture isn’t us, but we kind of looked like that

My cousin and I shared a tent on a warm Iowa night. The adults and other kids were in other tents. He and I were whispering late into the night. We were talking about girls, of course. What else do kids that age talk about? And of course we really knew nothing of the topic on which we had so much conversation.

Suddenly, I heard his sleeping bag unzip. The candle was throwing off just enough light to see he was climbing out with no underpants, and an obvious erection. This excited me greatly. Just the idea that I was seeing his cock, and hard no less, on his way to go piss outdoors, was a huge turn-on for me.

At that time, even though I talked considerably about girls, I wasn’t entirely convinced I liked them. Maybe I was gay. The thought concerned me more than a little. Our school was starting to come around to accepting gay kids, but still, it would be a huge thing if people found out my true preference. But was it a true preference? Let’s just say I was confused. I hadn’t figured out yet that a person doesn’t have to fit in one box or the other. I don’t think I had yet heard the term bisexual. I think I would have found that label satisfying if I had known.

It turns out that Kyle wasn’t going out to pee. He clambored over to me. Next thing I know, he was rolling around on top of me, and with one hand, he was trying to unzip my sleeping bag. I helped him with the zipper. Without even thinking about, I removed the only clothing I had been wearing, my underpants, revealing my own super solid erection.

As he rolled on top of me and our cocks touched, it was like an electric spark that sent shivers throughout my body. It wasn’t long before wordlessly, Kyle had started kissing the tip of my penis. I imagined it might be the way a boy and girl would kiss, something I wasn’t to experience for another year yet.

I didn’t stop him. Far from it. I kind of pushed and shoved, arranging us into a 69 position, and found his penis. It smelled of sweat, a spectacular odor that sent me over the edge as I started to put it in my mouth.

Unfortunately, that very moment, of just starting to give the first blowjob of my life, smelling that very nice sweat odor, and simultaneously feeling his lips around the head of my penis, was just too much. I started pumping sperm into Kyle’s mouth.

He sat up, looked like he was going to be sick for a moment, then made a show of swallowing what was in his mouth, finishing with a huge smile.

On that particular evening, I never got to finishing my blowjob on him. As soon as I settled down to put his cock back in my mouth by putting my fingers on it and pulling it toward me, I felt wetness hit the side of my chest and stomach. He orgasmed right away.

It took us a couple of years of frequent practice to beat the premature ejaculation problems we both suffered from.

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  1. I remember my cousin and I first got to doing things like touching each other’s dicks and the first time I got down and put him in my mouth he came as soon as I got my lips on him. he and I took turns with several cousins male and female.

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