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Comparing Injuries

I married young, and divorced young. What can I say? So, for the next few years at least, I’m a masturbator. I don’t need a wife until I grow up a bit.

I do have a lot of friends, however. My wife and I used to hang out with Kedrick and Jamica. They’re still my friends, and I hang out with them often. They’re almost like a brother and sister to me.

One day, after watching a scary movie together in their living room, we got on to the topic of scars.

Kedrick got surprisingly intimate, saying he was once shot with a pump-action BB gun, and it hit him right in the scrotum. He said the BB was still in there.

Jamica chimed in, “Really, you should see.”

I was like, “No, no thanks!” However inside, I would really like to have taken a look. I guess I’m sort of bisexual, and maybe that has something to do with the breakup. My wife was straight as an arrow and annoyingly religious, too. But that’s another story. I was actually interested in seeing Kedrick’s stuff, but of course I had to play it cool.

Jamica was evidently in a mood where she wanted things to happen. She reached to her husband’s belt, undid it, and tugged his pants and underwear down. “Here, look.”

I had a lot to take in during that moment, but I noticed Kedrick wasn’t objecting. She instructed him to sit on their coffee table with his legs wide. Then, she told me to come over and get a close look. She pointed her finger to one side of his hairless scrotum. (Was he into depilation? Cool!)

I was suddenly, instantly horned up. Where was this discussion going? I could only hope…

Anyway, I looked pretty closely, but couldn’t see any scar.

She started moving her fingers around, as if trying to find something in his sack. “Um, here Jake, have a feel.”

I pretended to be very clinical about it, but inside my heart was beating a mile a minute. I put my fingers where she indicated. I couldn’t feel any little lump, like what I thought an 1/8-inch spherical BB in a scrotum might feel like. I’m sure I continued to run the loose skin of his scrotum through my fingertips longer than necessary. After all, when would I get a chance like this again?

I couldn’t find anything. In fact, to this day, I don’t really know whether he actually has a little ball bearing in there, or if they’re making the whole thing up. Most likely, he was shot, but it left a little mark, if anything at all, and didn’t penetrate. I mean, those pump-action guns are really just toys for teenagers. They aren’t very powerful.

However, during my examination, his penis started to harden, to my absolute delight. A minute later, when I was finished, he was rock-hard. I don’t know if it’s an illusion, but black cocks always seem bigger to me, or at least his was pretty good sized.

I figured we were done, and was becoming quite disappointed. Suddenly, I had a plan to save the day. “Hey, I actually have something in my scrotum too.”

They both looked at me quizzically. When I was like twelve years old, I got the mumps. My balls swelled up. When I recovered, there were still a few bumps in there.

Jamica was not one to miss the opportunity. “Can we see?”

I pretended to be shy about it. Then, I pretended I wasn’t shaking a little bit as I undid my belt, button and fly.

They had me recline on their sofa, as first Jamica and then Kedrick literally felt my balls. I was hard from the first moment, and we all acted, well, clinically, as if that was just normal. My oh my it felt good to have them gently squishing my balls around in my sack! They both did feel my little lumps, which I was somehow rather proud of.

“I actually have a bit of an unusual situation also,” Jamica announced.

I sat up on the sofa, as Kendrick smiled. He evidently knew what she was referring to already.

“When I was six years old, a girlfriend and I were horsing around. I had a record player on the floor. Do you know those kind that had a tall spindle, and you could stack some records on top, and they’d drop down and play, one by one?”

I had no idea, but she mentioned that the machine had a spike about four inches long. She went on to say, that she fell on that spike. As she was explaining, she was pulling off her skirt and her undies. Then she whipped off her T-shirt and bra, too. I was like dying! I had gone to heaven! Kedrick was right there, and seemed fine with what was going on. Both of us still had our pants around our ankles, and both of us were erect.

She said, “Here’s where I got stuck.” As she said it, she laid back on a pillow right in a sunny spot on the floor, spreading her feet high in the air, so we had a perfect view of her hairless pussy and asshole. They were even blacker than she was overall, and she’s a really dark-skinned chick. And her tits. Oh my god, beautiful! Just the right size, and with super-black, big, round nipples. I’m probably extra-attracted to black people because I’m so white. I mean, I get sunburn like within 15 minutes.

I could have cum without even being touched. I was feeling an orgasm building just looking at her. I got a closer look, and sure enough, there was a little pinkish scar about a centimeter long just to one side of her vagina, and down close to the perineal area.

Without fanfare, as if no one was watching at all, she closed her eyes, pushed her head back a little more, and started rubbing her clit. I broke away my stare just long enough to see that Kedrick was stroking his amazing cock.

He then said to me, “Go ahead, I know you want her,” nodding with his head to his wife.

I was like, “Oh, she’s beautiful, and I’d fuck Jamica in a heartbeat, but she’s your wife, Dude.”

I was all things at once. Kedrick was bigger than I am. If I were to upset him, and who knows what can happen when a man thinks his wife is being hit upon… And at the same time, I was about as horny as I had ever been in my life.

To Jamica, Kedrick said, “You want?”

“Oh, so much!” she replied, staring directly at me.

Well, I might be a bit thick at times, but the invitation was pretty clear. The next thing you know, a condom came out of nowhere. Actually, Kedrick produced it. As he was tearing it out of the package, I thought he was going to hand it to me. Instead, to my concurrent horror and delight, he leaned forward, and started unrolling it on my dick. He didn’t even ask. It was the most gay thing that had ever happened in my life, and I wouldn’t have stopped him for all the money in the world.

He fumbled a bit, and I have to say, I almost came as he finished unrolling the damn thing. That was close. It might have ruined the evening.

Meanwhile, Jamica had climbed on the sofa and was kind of pushing her crotch toward me. I climbed on so fast, so damn fast! She was like “Umpf,” as I pushed my pulsing, rock hard cock into her, but she was loving it.

Over the next minute, I worked very hard not to cum right then and there. Thinking math, motorcycle accidents… hmmm, what’s the worst song I ever heard? I had to avoid cumming.

As Jamica and I were banging away in absolute joy, I felt Kedrick moving along behind me. I felt something cold on my anus. Oh, my fucking god, with his finger he was spreading some Vasoline or something on my asshole! Then, something big and insistent. He was pressing his penis against my anus. I slowed down my pumping in and out of Jamica.

She was like, “Yes, honey!” to him, or maybe to me. He pressed. It hurt, a sort of dull pain, but I pretty much didn’t feel it. I was in total Disneyland. I felt my anus spreading open, and an almost pop, a pop that made my eyes open wide, as the head of his penis slipped in.

It was too much. I squirted my cum into Jamica, or more specifically into the condom in Jamica. Normally, I might have pulled out a few seconds later, but no way. First, I was trapped under Kedrick. But then too, I wanted to understand, to really feel and understand what was happening. He had his penis in me. Me! I was being butt-fucked by a guy. And I was liking it. Correction: Loving it! How weird is that?

Kedrick grunted. I can’t say as I felt him cumming, but I knew. He pulled out very slowly, and he and I sort of rolled off the sofa, off Jamica, onto the floor, exhausted. My ass felt a bit scratchy, but that was totally OK.

I saw him pull his rubber off, and noticed how full of cum it was. That reminded me that I was still wearing one too, so I removed mine.

When I woke up, sunlight was streaming through the curtains, and there was a blanket over me. I had someone in my arms. It was Jamica. I smiled! She said “Hey,” and smiled back. I felt something big, warm and nice behind me. It was Kedrick, hugging me from the back. A day ago I would have been absolutely freaked out. Instead, I was in heaven.

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