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Circumcised Over and Over

One day, my girlfriend took an interest in circumcision while looking over the circumcision scar on my cock. I admitted to her that it was there since I was a baby, that it gave me no trouble, and I never really thought about it.

Over the next few days, it played around and around in her mind, becoming like an obsession.

One evening, she wanted to circumcise me again. Oh, not for real. It was just an adult version of playing doctor.

We were naked in her bed. She had me lay down, and started manipulating my penis. She said that for a proper circumcision, the penis needs to be hard, so she could measure how much to cut off.

She draped me with some green pillowcases, just like a surgeon might do, leaving the penis exposed.

She grabbed it, gently tugging this way and that, mostly pulling what little was left of my foreskin up as high on the glans at it would go.

She then took some scissors, and worrying me slightly that she might get carried away, she pretended to cut away my foreskin.

Then, of course she had to bandage me up, which she did with a real ace bandage, binding my hard penis good and tight, with only the tip sticking out.

Finally, she announced that she had to test to make sure she had done a good job. She tried jerking me off, but with that big old bandage wrapped around my cock, it wasn’t happening. So, she put some of her girl cum, since she was now plenty wet, on the tip of my penis, the only part sticking out of the bandage, and tried to rub that. It was a weird kind of a tickle. Not like being jerked off at all. It was hard to take. Almost unbearable. It made me feel more like I had to urinate than ejaculate. Yet, I didn’t urinate, and I did ejaculate. Sort of. The stupid ACE bandage had cut off the flow of cum, so I spasmed and spasmed, but nothing came out. It didn’t hurt. Just felt weird. And so likable that we had to repeat the whole thing the next evening.

And the night after that. We’ve done it like twelve times over the past few months. Both of us just love playing out that scenario. I know it doesn’t make any sense, but we’re just loving it.

In recent variations, We’ve decided her labia are too small. So we have a new medical procedure for her. I have to stretch her inner labia to accomplish the task. Unfortunately, she gets all juicy and my fingers keep slipping off, over and over again.

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