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Cervix Plus or Minus

Starting from when I was around 13, there was a neighbor girl that I used to play with.

Sue and I were usually the best of friends, but sometimes the worst of enemies. That would last a day or two, then we were friends again.

We started playing ‘doctor’ and graduated to fully masturbating each other by the time we were seventeen. We’d do it for hours. I would cum in her hands, wilt, and then I’d ‘do’ her for a while until I became hard again.

In our early years, I couldn’t put any fingers in her. Her hymen was pretty much closed, with only a small slit and she didn’t want me forcing it at all. At seventeen, it had magically opened. I know she was still a virgin, so I figure it must have just been due to her masturbation with various objects.

One day we were playing with fisting. We had heard about it, and she wanted to try it. Of course I was totally willing! We got some lube – not knowing any better, we used coconut butter, but that worked out fine.

I was not able to fist her, but I got three fingers deep into her vagina. And I felt something. It was a lump of some sort in there. I became very concerned. I thought it might be a tumor or something. I didn’t tell her, because I didn’t want to alarm her.

Finally, a couple of days later, we talked about it, and she told me it was her cervix. Whew! I went from fear for her to delight immediately.

I didn’t really know what a cervix was, but I wanted to find out. She had somehow managed to ‘borrow’ a clear speculum from her mother, and we played with that one afternoon. What an education for me.

I wanted to stick something in the little opening in her cervix. We tried the back of a ballpoint pen. But she had me stop right away. It didn’t feel good. I did tickle the top of her cervix with a small, soft artist’s paintbrush, and she loved that. But what she really enjoyed was when I lightly tickled her clitoris with that brush while the speculum was inside her.

Fast forward a good many years. She and I went our own ways. She actually became a county sheriff, which was surprising because she grew into a beautiful, blond, soft, short, and fragile-looking woman.

I became a professor of computer programming languages. I responded to an online post to play with a guy. Little did I know, his wife came with the bargain. When I arrived at their home, I met him, and there was his wife, greeting me right alongside him. It turns out she wrote the ad, because she wanted to see her husband play with another guy. I was down with that! Play with him, with her watching – how excellent!

He was about 6’2″ and trim. A good looking guy. She was short and a bit rotund, but not bad! Very nice looking breasts from what I could tell. If she’d want to play with us, making it a three-way, that would be great, but if not, that would be OK too.

It turns out she didn’t play with us that day. I wanked him, he wanked me, he sucked me, and he wanted me to fuck him. I declined. I much prefer masturbatatory things. First of all, they’re much safer. She stayed clothed, but watched, commented, and we all had a good time.

A week later they invited me back. I figured it would be a repeat of last time. He was naked as he greeted me at the door, and said she was in the bathroom. I was wondering if that meant she was getting ready, perhaps putting on something skimpy. He and I went to their bed, and we started mildly fondling each other.

She arrived a few minutes later, totally naked, and freshly shaved and oiled all over. Now, her husband said he wanted to watch this time, as I fucked her. But, remember, I’m not into fucking.

However I was very happy indeed to play with her in every other way, and she was fine with playing with me. I fondled her breasts, and fingered her asshole a bit, before spending some time licking her clit. She was definitely enjoying the attention. She was getting close to orgasm, so I stopped. We all wanted to savor the afternoon.

She said she can have multiple orgasms, but not always. Sometimes, like a man, she becomes too satisfied after a good orgasm. So, she turned her attention to me. First with gentle tickling all over my body. Then she spent some time licking my right nipple while lightly stroking my ballsack. I let her know that I often like more powerful stimulation.

She started massaging my balls through my scrotum with here thumbs and first two fingers of each hand. Both balls at once, one per hand. First it was light, and delicious, but I let her know I wanted more. She started pressing more firmly. Every now and then, a testicle would slip out of her grip, like a wet bar of soap, suddenly slipping to the other area of my scrotum. That was great. Yes, it hurt a bit, but it was exquisite. She kept pressing more and more firmly. It never really ached, and only hurt when the balls slipped out of her grasp, but I became a bit concerned that I might get injured, so I asked her to do something else.

As soon as I did, I regretted it, because I actually did want more testicle massage. She went on to idly play with my peehole. I told her it would be wonderful if she’d try to put her skinny little finger into the hole – to see how far she could get it in. She grabbed some KY and went to work, pressing and twisting a bit. As the tip of her finger went in, she kept saying, over and over,'”Cool!”

Her husband is not very inventive, not much of an experimenter, and they never did things like this. She was almost as excited as I. As she continued to twist and press, it did hurt a bit, but not much, and suddenly, I felt a sort of pop, as her finger slipped in past the first knuckle. That scared her, so she rapidly pulled her finger out. Now that really hurt, but only for a moment. She started to press her finger in again, but I was getting too close to orgasm, so now it was her turn again.

She said she likes it rough, too, but her husband won’t comply. He’s afraid of hurting her. He concurred. I asked him whether if it gave her pleasure for me to be rough with her, he’d be OK with that? He said, sure, as long as I don’t go to far, and he, or she, would let me know if it’s too far. So she and I started to play while he idly stroked himself.

I put one finger, and then two in her butt. She seemed neutral about that. I couldn’t really tell if she liked it, and she didn’t say. So I slowly pulled out, cleaned my hands with disinfectant, relubed my right hand liberally with cream, and started putting more and more fingers in her vagina. Now, this, she liked. Very much! Not only did she tell me that verbally, but she started having some sort of reaction that seemed like orgasms. I couldn’t quite tell.

She was squirming, and I could feel contractions around my fingers, but whatever it was, it was ongoing. Not like a man’s orgasm which usually lasts less than a minute, and then is done. She kept squirming, contracting, and telling me things like “yummm!”

I got all four fingers in her, at which point her husband ejaculated. Shortly thereafter, he walked out, into the living room to watch TV or something. I called out, “Is it OK? OK if she and I continue?”

“Oh, heck yes” he replied. He walked back in, and told us that whereas he was done for the day, he wanted us to enjoy ourselves very much, and then walked out again.

She whispered to me, “Now we can really play hard.” I didn’t really know how to play any harder, so all i did was to jam my four fingers into her with a bit more pressure and try to add my thumb. She started wincing, although she didn’t say to stop or take it easy, but I quit trying to introduce the thumb. I started to think she might like me to play with her cervix. Maybe even put a finger in the os, the opening. That would excite me very much, and perhaps she’d love it too.

So I started feeling around with my fingers for her cervix. Funny that I hadn’t found it yet. And I was feeling around, and feeling around some more, and I couldn’t find it. Weird. So finally I asked, “Where’s your cervix?”

“Gone,” she said. Turns out she had had a hysterectomy several years back. I was disappointed for her, but on the other hand, I realized it didn’t seem to matter. She was having a great time.

I went back to the four finger stimulation, and added some rubbing of her clit with my other hand. She started doing that squirming and contracting thing again, and I kept going, rather hard, in my opinion. After a minute, she had a tremendous crashing orgasm. I felt a large amount of wetness as she released some sort of liquid, maybe urine, maybe something else. Whatever it was, it was clear as it started spreading out on the bedsheet, and had no odor.

I just kept up the stimulation until she grabbed my wrists and moved my fingers out and away. She was breathing heavy sighs, and her body was still jerking involuntarily for five minutes after.

We got together one more wonderful time. Then, I didn’t hear from them for a while. So I phoned one day, and found out she had gone off to Seattle to help her daughter with her new grandson. He was devastated. He told me that he was very worried that she wasn’t coming back. And sure enough, it’s been a year, and she hasn’t come back.

I asked whether it had anything to do with our three-ways. No, in fact they planned that, hoping it would put some zest back into their failing marriage. He came over one day crying. I did my best to cheer him up, and we ended up ejaculating all over each other.

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