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Cam Show Guy

Sexual Cam Show Guy

In order to compete, I have to put on a real show! Here’s the situation:

I signed up for a website in which one can jerk off and people will pay to watch. Specifically, I get tokens when people want to see me. The tokens can be traded for cash. One can receive tokens just for doing what one naturally does. Or, one can take requests. Users may write in asking me to try to suck myself, or stick a finger in my ass, etc.

When I first started, I was too shy to show my face. I was afraid friends and relatives might recognize me. The problem is, I didn’t make any money. When I finally started just openly showing everything, I was very concerned about what people might think. After catching one of my shows, my dad just asked, “And that makes money?” with a smile on his face. So, he was OK with it. My mom’s comment was, “Well, I don’t know if it’s such a good idea.” But she didn’t outright object.

When my good friend Paul, who I’ve known since 3rd grade, found out, I was mortified. It turns out, he was proud of me, and said he was too shy, but really would have liked to do it. I invited him to join me in a show, but he wouldn’t do it.

My girlfriend Julie, expressed anger at first. You see, I had been afraid to tell her. Finally, one of her friends at work discovered me online, told her, and she literally slapped my face. She wasn’t mad for what I was doing. She was mad because I didn’t tell her. She got over it, as I’ll explain in a moment.

With Julie, it was quite similar to what happened with former US President Bill Clinton. He wasn’t impeached for getting a blowjob from a woman who worked at the White House. He was impeached because he lied to the American public about it.

I took requests for a while, and found it doesn’t pay as well as what I call ‘a real show.’

Here’s a quick bit of background. I’m a 33-year-old male. Females generally do better financially in this business, and the younger the better.

I tried group shows, too. Believe it or not, after a while, I actually got Julie all excited to participate. Unfortunately I promised more money than we made. I had believed we’d make more than we did. So, she soon lost interest. It was certainly more fun performing with her than alone.

Since that didn’t work out very well, I talked two buddies into performing along with me and Julie. The first show didn’t go well, because one of the guys got all weird and wouldn’t take off his underwear. I felt like punching him for ruining for the rest of us, but of course I didn’t. I’m non-violent.

I got another friend to take his place, and that guy just couldn’t get hard. Why he was unable to have an erection with my girlfriend wanking him and everything else, I don’t know, but that’s just what happened.

So then it was just Julie, my friend George, who I have to admit is a really great-looking guy, and myself. It was great fun, but ultimately not profitable. We would need to have made more than three times what I earn alone, and it just wasn’t happening.

I finally learned what I think is the best technique: I’m an actor. I get hard and then I pretend I’m close to cumming. I squirm, I moan, and I writhe all over the place. Of course, I don’t cum. If I do, it’s pretty much impossible to maintain my erection afterward and keep making money. On the other end of the spectrum, It can be quite a challenge to stay hard for an hour at a time.

On top of that, when I first started doing these shows, I’d try for six one-hour shows a day. My penis was literally aching from being erect for such a long time. I’ve since gotten over that, and can perform as much as I want.

Lately, I have become really good at edging. I can actually have orgasms. My urethra goes into contractions and all, but I don’t cum. This is great fun for me, because it feels amazing! I can stay hard for my hour-long shows, although sometimes I do lose it and actually ejaculate too soon. On a good day, I might let out a drop or two of cum, what you might call a mini-ejaculation, and can keep going. My audience really loves that. Sometimes I’ll build up to over 1,000 concurrent viewers. See Dry Ejaculations and Continuous Orgasm.

Bottom line, it still pays only a little over minimum wage, but what a way to earn a living, right?

[Jeremy’s note: I thought this business of dry, continuous orgasms was quite rare, but as my friend proves here, and having discussed the technique to other people, it turns out to be rather common.]

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  1. Sounds like Chaturbate. You were ahead of your time except some of the people on Chaturbate make a shitload of money.

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