Cameltoe: – An effect where a woman’s clothing rides up into the crack of her vagina, leaving an obviously visible vertical cleft in her crotch area.

Camp, Summer Camp – Male group fiction

Camping With Co-Workers – Male POV

Camming Buddies – Male-male camming fun

Cam Show Guy

Candaulism: – Being exposed by others, typically sexual partners, in person or in pictures or videos for the pleasure of others to see. This is usually involuntary nudity, or the fantasy of it being involuntary.

Can’t Always Get What You Want – story

Can’t Cum – Male point of view

Caregiver – Female POV


Catch and Release – Male Technique

Catheter Play

Caught – Short memoir about being caught having sex

Caught By Dad – 13 Year Old Gets Caught

Caught by Hotel Maid – Caught Jerking Off

Caught By My Father Story

Caught, I caught My Brother Jacking Off – Story, female point of view

Caught In Balboa Park – Story

Caught Red-Handed! – Male point of view memoir

Caught With a Sex Toy

Caverject: A brand name for Prostaglandin E1, a prescription drug that can be injected directly into the copora cavernosa, the main blood containing portions of the penis, resulting in a hard, nearly instant erection.

CBT – Cock and Ball Torture

Celery – Fact

Cerologist – A person who professionally removes hair complete with the follicles, such as with waxing, sugaring, or laser depilation.

Cervical Orgasms

Cervical Play

CFNM – Clothed Female, Naked Male

CFNM With Wife

Charming the Snake – A colloquial term for male masturbation



Chills, Male or Female

Choking the chicken – A colloquial term for male masturbation

Church – Naked Erection in Church


Circle Jerk – Information and Memoir

Circle Jerk, Marie and the Guys – Mixed-gender

Circle Jerk, Mixed-Gender – Memoir

Circumcised Over and Over


Circumcision Polls

CIS: also known as ‘cisgender’ or ‘cissexual – A person who identifies as the sex they were born with. In other words, what might be called ‘normal’ or the opposite of a transgender person. The ‘cis’ prefix is Latin for ‘on the side of.’


Class Masturbation – Male perspective

Class: The Sexuality Class – heterosexual fiction

Chordee: A congenital curvature near the glans causing it to point up or down. Sometimes chordee is caused by circumcision. This is best corrected in children between ages of 6 and 18 months.

Clean-Up Girls

C/O: “Clothing Optional” – nudity is allowed but not required. For example “Haulover Beach in Floida is c/o.”

Coitus: Another term for sexual intercourse.

Computer Specailist – Male POV

Coronavirus Show in San Francisco – An Older Couple put on a show

Clit Compression
clit compression

Clitoris, Inner

Clit Pinching – Female POV

Clit Sucking

Club, The Masturbation Club

Clubs for Nudists – Info

CMNM: Clothed Male, Naked Male

Coach’s Experiment – Male point of view story

Cock: Have Cock, Will Travel – Memoir


Coconut Oil – Couple fun play

Coitus: Another word for ‘intercourse,’ or ‘fucking.’

Coitus interfemoris: The act of placing a penis between the partner’s thighs rather than penetrative sex. Also known as ‘interfemoral sex,’ ‘intercrural sex,’ and ‘thigh sex.’

College Family, Nude – story

College: Naked Dorm Living – Bisexual story, male point of view

College: Paying For College The Crazy Way – Female point of view

College Roommmate Wanking

College: Three Weeks In – Female point of view

Coming out: A term that generally means a homosexual individual first telling people, typically family, friends, and coworkers, that s/he’s gay. It’s short for ‘coming out of the closet.’ Coming out can also be used for bisexuality.

Coming Out In the Locker Room

Comparing Injuries – MMF threesome


Confessions of a High School Cum Queen

Consent: Age of Consent

Contest, Ejaculation Distance – Male point of view story, heterosexual

Continuous Female Orgasms – Story and technique

Continuous, Long-Lasting Orgasms – for men

Continuous Orgasms & Dry Ejaculations – Short version

Corn Flakes – Anti-masturbation


Corona Technique

Cousins In Tent – Homoerotic Youth Story

Cousin Katie

Covid Roommates – Short homoerotic story

Co-Worker: Discovered – Male masturbation tale

Co-Workers: I Get Paid To Have Sex With My Co-Workers

Coworker Shows Up – Surprise at a circle jerk

Crazy Girl – Story

Crazy Mother – Male POV momoir

Create Your Own Story

Creek: Doggy At The Creek – Memoir of being caught

Cremasteric reflex: When a man’s inner thighs are stroked, or other similar stimuli are applied, his testicles will be drawn up slightly in his scrotum. This happens autonomically, outside of his control.

Cruel Girlfriend

Cuckold: A man whose wife has sex with other men. Sometimes this is while he watches them. A cuckold is commonly thought of as weak, unable to be sufficiently attractive to his own wife.

Cuckold, Professional

Cucumbers – Heterosexual

Cum – A euphemism for ejaculate, the material that is expelled during ejaculation

Cum Blocking Friend – A friend blocks his ejaculation


Cum Forced Backward

Cumming – A euphemism for ‘ejaculating’

Cumming of Age

Cumming Memory Game – Tile Game


Cumming Twice – Male point of view

Cunnilingus – Orally stimulating a vagina, generally by licking, and most often with focus on the inner labia or clitoris.

Curved Penis

Curve To The Left

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