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Business Lunch Plus

By Spurtz

A true story about one of my hottest sexual partners.

I was the head cheese of a company with about 100 employees. The HR gal hired a new receptionist named Jill and when she was brought into my office to be introduced to me, I was blown away. She was very petite at about 5’2” and she was extremely pretty. Drop dead beautiful, actually. And although I’m not normally a big tits guy, that doesn’t mean I have anything against them. Except hopefully my chest. She had extremely nice ones and as I learned later they were all hers, and for a 29-year old, no sag at all which I found quite amazing considering their size. She was quite creative in the way she dressed that somehow downplayed their size so she never looked top heavy or overly large.

Over the next couple of weeks I tried to make small talk with her but she was a bit stand-offish. Probably standard procedure for a woman who looked like she did in order to keep the wolves at bay. But considering I was president of the company, I was a bit surprised she wasn’t more friendly.

As a couple of months went by, I took on more and more of a workload. On top of running the place, I found myself deeply involved in the advertising and marketing aspects of the company. It soon became apparent that I needed an assistant. I don’t remember the details now but the receptionist was tapped to be that person. The company as a whole was really growing and we leased a building next door to expand into. It needed some work to suit our requirements and I was having the front offices reconfigured. One of the offices would be mine, along with a private restroom, and the office adjacent to mine, along with a connecting door, would be Jill’s.

At some point I asked her if she would like to walk next door and get a look at her new office and she said she would. When we got in the building, all the workmen were in the back portion of the building. It was a fairly large building at 37,000 square feet. We could hear the workmen but couldn’t see them. The front offices were in the process of being remodeled and there wasn’t much to see. As we walked into what would be her office, I knew this was probably my only chance where I would ever be alone with her. Up to this point nothing remotely romantic or even suggestive had ever transpired between us. Although it was a risky move, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her. I’ll be honest, I was shocked that she was so responsive. We swapped spit back and forth for several minutes giving me the balls to move to the next step.

I started massaging those wonderful tits, but was limited to just doing it over the top of her blouse. Things got hotter and hotter. She was wearing a skirt so I reached down, pulled it up and placed my hand right over her panty covered warm pussy. No resistance took place so I pulled her panties to one side and slipped a finger in her pussy. Which was very wet. This told me I was on the right track. My next move was probably the boldest sex related thing I have ever done. I dropped to my knees, pulled up the hem of her dress and tucked it into a belt she was wearing to keep it out of my way. Then pulled down her panties and buried my face in that wonderful pussy.

Licking and sucking her clit and pussy, I could sense that she was somewhat overwhelmed by what was happening. Maybe not 100% believing what was being done to her. I had some concerns about being walked in on by one of the workmen. So I reluctantly stopped eating her out. I had her step out of her panties and I stuffed them in my pocket. Then took her by the hand and led her into the private bathroom that was off of my office. It was a long way from being finished. There was a toilet and a sink with one 40 watt bulb hanging from a wire from the ceiling. Everything was covered in sawdust. The toilet did not have a seat on it. She kind of turned up nose at the look of the place and made some comment about it being filthy.

As we all know, a stiff cock has no conscience and my prick was as stiff as they come. I could care less about how dirty the place was. I just wanted to fuck her so bad. I leaned her face-first over the sink, flipped up her skirt, and slid my prick into her sopping wet pussy. Heaven. I started pumping away and looked down at her cute boyish butt, and I remember to this day visualizing that I was butt fucking some boy. At this point in my life I had never been involved in any M2M sex so I was a bit surprised when that image appeared in my head.

I asked her if she was on the pill and she was so in way too short of a time, I unloaded several major spurts of cum into her. It was one of the best orgasms ever. I assume a lot of that was the added excitement that comes from such a risky coupling. Anyway, luckily there was a roll of toilet paper available and we cleaned ourselves up and made our way back to the office.

That was the start of a really hot and heavy sexual relationship. I was married, so getting together for frequent sex was very difficult. I had to be very careful about paying too much attention to her at the office. I did mange to take her to lunch occasionally but not too often or tongues would wag. One particularly memorable session was we went to a very well known restaurant that overlooks the entire San Fernando Valley. After eating and returning to the car, I immediately went to town. I couldn’t keep my hands off of her. We had some amazing chemistry which seemed to be about 90% sexual. Depite being parked in a busy restaurant parking lot, we ended up fucking right there in the car with oblivious people walking right by the car.

Another time I drove her to one of our regular suppliers to introduce her as their new contact person. When we returned to the car, we couldn’t keep our hands off of one another and we fucked again right there. I loved eating her pussy and she was in the passenger seat and I was on my knees on the floorboard in front of her lapping away. Then I motored the seat back all the way and climbed between those great legs and shoved my cock into her. Someone must have been watching over us because with all the risky couplings, we never got caught as far as I know.

One thing from that pussy lapping session that I hadn’t noticed before was when she got totallly turned on, her clit became super prominent. I remember it looking a bit like a tiny peeled grape. I loved sucking on it and she loved having it done as well.

On many of our lunch trips or other short rides around to introduce her to a supplier, it was just too risky for a full-on fuck but she would gladly give me a handjob, and if possible, a blowjob. The blowjobs were usually finished off by her hand. I kept a full box of Kleenex on hand.

I finally got to see those tits in all their glory when I stopped by her apartment one night. She had already gone to bed. At first, she really didn’t want me to come in but at some point the chemistry kicked in and neither of us would have been able to resist. This was our first full-on naked coupling and it was fantastic. Towards the end of the affair, I was stopping by her place when it was possible. The fully naked hookups on her bed were unreal.

During the period where we were getting it on, a couple of weird things happened. At lunch one day several guys were talking about her. One guy in particular, who had briefly dated her, was going on and on about what a lame sex partner she was. He said she just layed there and didn’t move. My first thought to this asshole was he needed to look in the mirror to see why she wasn’t motivated to give him a good fuck. My experience with her was just the opposite. She was an extremely enthusiastic sex partner. It really pissed me off that he was talking about her publicly like that so I told my HR manager to get rid of him. Back then it was fairly easy to can somebody.

The other strange occurrence was again a lunchtime conversation. This time it was a group of women. Jill reported the conversation back to me. Somehow my name came up and several of the woman agreed that I was likely a poor sex partner. They said I was too cold and remote and they felt sorry for my poor wife. Jill said that it took every bit of willpower on her part to keep from blurting out the truth about me.

Looking back over my many sexual pecadillos, I have to rate my times with Jill right at the top of the list. We were really incredible sex partners who brought out the best in each other. But I was happily married and she was looking for a permanent relationship, so before things got any more out of hand, we decided to reluctantly call it quits. She moved on to another job shortly after that which was a good thing because seeing her every day but not being able to be with her was eating me up.

Here is a little side story to my time with Jill. The supplier where I took her to be introduced as the new contact person had a very attractive receptionist. Before Jill, I usually called on that supplier several times a week and got to be good friends with the receptionist. She was extremely outgoing and super friendly and quite willing to talk frankly about any subject. I can’t remember why I never made a move on her. But one day she showed up with a new set of tits. I was always curious if they still felt like real tits and at that point I had never felt any. I made some comment to that effect and she stuck her chest out and told me to go ahead and feel them. Which I did right there in her office. And they felt real to me.

After Jill left, I was stuck with making the runs to that business again but tit girl was gone. Sometime after that I was flying to the CES Show in Vegas. The plane was filled with people going to the show and as I boarded I noticed a quite large group who all seemed to be traveling together and mixed in the group were two recognizable female porn stars along with tit girl. She immediately recognized me and filled me in that she was now working for Vivid Video, a well know XXX video company, and they were all going to the show where she would be working the booth. After the plane took off, I had an empty seat next to me and she sat with me the entire flight. I got a few insights of what it was like to work in the porn industry but that was the last time I ever saw her.


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