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I’ve got a pal that I met in high school. After college, we both returned to Baltimore. We get together for beers now and then. His wife, and my girlfriend are OK with that. We call it “Boys Night Out.”

What neither of the women know about is what happened last week. I guess I’ll tell Amy, but don’t even know how to begin.

Maybe if I tell you [Jeremy] first, it will help me figure out how to tell her.

So Mark and I were watching basketball things on YouTube. All were pretty boring. Then, without asking me, he suddenly switched to a porn site. I was 100% fine with that. In fact, I would normally have been the one to do something like that, but I wouldn’t because I thought Mark was maybe too conservative or something.

After a few minutes, he asked, “Have you got wood?”

I sheepishly admitted I was headed that way. My dick was becoming uncomfortable in my shorts.

“Me too,” he admitted.

Nothing more was discussed as we watched some stuff in silence. Mark was in control of the computer, and switched to a couple of other sites. One was one of those where people submit videos of themselves. It was more homo than straight, but I was OK with that. I mean, I’m straight, but seeing a man with an erection does turn me on in a way. That’s OK, right?

Perhaps this is a bad analogy, but when you see a person throw up, it kind of makes you want to puke too. So, I like seeing guys with erections, and cumming for that matter. Like, when I see a couple fucking, I’m more in the head space of the guy. I know what he’s feeling, and I like the empathetic, horny feeling it gives me.

At one point we landed on a video of a single, young guy wanking. Fine by me. I mean, I’d probably rather see heterosexual fucking, but whatever, right?

So suddenly Mark asks, “Would you do that?”


“Would you post a video of yourself jerking off?”

“I don’t know,” I said, truly pensively.

“I would.”

I understood completely. Because the thought had crossed my mind!

“Hey dude, I’ve got an idea. Would you mind filming me while I jerk off?”

Wow, that came out of nowhere! Even under the current circumstances. However, almost instantly, my dick hardened up one more notch, and was becoming more uncomfortable in my pants.

“Um, well, yes, that would be OK.”

“OK!” and immediately his pants were off.

I don’t know what came over me, but in a heartbeat, I pulled off my pants too, uttering, “For solidarity.” I’m not even sure what that means, but I thought it was about right.

I saw his boner, he saw mine. This was definitely breaking new territory. I was shocked to realize that I was quite attracted to his skinny white ass. His penis was quite different than mine. First, it was white, or kind of pinkish red, really. And circumcised. I had never seen a cut cock in person. But size wise, I’d say we were about equal. It was kind of hard to tell, because when you have two objects, one white, and one black, it is hard to tell which is larger.

We returned to watching porn, silently. I think Mark was afraid to take the next step.

“Well, Dude?”

“Um, OK, and even before I could get the camera on the phone set to video mode, he was stroking his cock. I was surprised at how solid my erection was, waving around in front of me as it was.

Mark sat in a chair, and then started wanking in earnest. When I thought the timing was about right, I moved in very close with the phone, filling the screen with a close up, and sure enough, I mostly caught the ejaculation, although some squirted off screen.

I didn’t know what was going to happen next. Maybe it was my turn to sit in the chair an wank. Would Mark film me? I wasn’t sure if I wanted that or not. I certainly wouldn’t want it put on the website. I felt I could trust him to keep it private. However I was absolutely certain I was at a point of no turning back. I wanted to have an orgasm with Mark. Maybe even something more, as yet undefined.

But that’s not what happened. Mark kind of psychologically collapsed in on himself. He just wanted me out of the house. He wanted me gone. Oh, he was polite about it but I was severely disappointed. I did understand however. Handing his phone back to him, I said as pleasant a ‘goodbye’ as I could manage and left.

After three days of radio silence, he finally texted me. It was just “Thank you, that was fun.”

I wrote back, “Yes, fun for you I guess.” – because I was kind of burned about what had happened. By the time he came, I was super horny, something I had never been with a man before, but I really, really wanted something more. Like, for Mark to jerk me off. Maybe even some sort of oral sex could happen. A week ago, something like that would have been unimaginable.

“Dude, I’m so sorry. I just freaked out. I hope you understand.”

“Um, not really.”

“Can I make it up to you? I’m horny enough now to do anything.”

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  1. I thought it was well written and had me stroking. I had a similar experience with my downstairs neighbor. he ans I were watching a football game and his team was trying for a field goal from way out he says his guy can make it and wanted to bet. jokingly I said if he makes it ill suck his dick. when he made it I was thinking good thing I was joking. my neighbor is jumping around cheering then says when can he get that blowjob then turns toward me with his dick out and hard. I tried to get out of it but he was waving ot in my face so I took it I my mouth and sucked him dry.

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