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Blocked Ejaculation

Note that while this true memoir is written about activity between youngsters, it is totally inappropriate for an adult to instigate such activity with people under 18 years of age.

My friend and I were both thirteen at the time. I was a few months older than him, and my dick was bigger, and had just literally three whispy hairs starting to grow out near the top edge where it joins my body. My friend’s dick was still little-kid small and totally hairless.

He and I had been masturbating together every week or two for a couple of months. He could cum one clear drop, whereas I was cumming more-or-less like an adult by then, several spurts of white cum.

We were both quite experimental, and had done things with our sisters in a foursome, which I have described elsewhere.

One day, while walking home from school, I found a darkroom timer in the trash. I didn’t know what it was at the time, but it had a clock face, and could be set to buzz for any amount of time from a second to an hour, then click loudly when done. I was delighted with my find. It was just great for timing little boy activities of all sorts.

I wish I had a picture of the actual thing, but it looked pretty
much like any old clock, and had electrical outlets and switches.

He and I found the perfect activity for the timer. We had experimented with rubbing the palm of a hand over the other guy’s glans, finding it to be deliciously torturous. So, we’d set the timer for 7 minutes, and try to hold out for the full time – very difficult! Sometimes, he’d pee a few drips involuntarily while rubbing. One time I came involuntarily during the rubbing. I’ve written more about that elsewhere on

One day he announced that he had read about the “million dollar spot.” He explained that men, when having sex with a woman, will press their fingers hard between the underside of the scrotum and the anus when ejaculating, preventing anything from coming out, thereby preventing pregnancy. That’s also known as ‘injaculation.’ He wanted to try that on me, and I was all for it.

He had me lay on the bed and spread my legs, so he had access to that area just above my asshole. He lightly placed two fingers from one hand there, while starting to stroke my hard penis with his other hand. Just that touch in such an unusual place mad me hornier than usual, and it was less than a minute before I was bucking and muffling my yelling as I was about to cum. I had to be quiet, since my mom was watching a soap opera on the other side of the house.

He pressed really hard with those two fingers, and it really hurt! But there was nothing I could do about it. I was in the throes of ejaculation, and he kept pressing. Sure enough no cum escaped. He was pressing really hard and I was aching, not from the cum being blocked. Well, maybe a little from that too, but just because he was pressing so hard.

I yelled for him to stop, but he didn’t. Finally, I squirmed away. I was so mad at him! If I was the kind of kid who would hit people, I would have clobbered him. Instead, I just became sullen in my post-orgasmic state. Our usual custom would have been for me to then jerk him off, but I refused, and practically threw him out of the house. In that moment, I felt like I hated him.

A day later I apologized. He apologized. We never did that specific thing again, but we did jerk off together many more times.

Even though it hurt so much, I have fantasized about that day many times, and have even recreated the moment with friends, both female and male, several times. Of course, I told them to press hard, but not too hard. More often, I have them squeeze the end of my penis shut, so the cum can make it most of the way out, before it’s blocked. It makes my orgasmic contractions stronger and last longer. I do that for some of my friends, too. I rather enjoy the feeling of blocked ejaculation. How about you?

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  1. My wife tried it to me once. The first thing she tried was when I was peeing one morning, she came up behind me. There’s nothing unusual about that. We often press our naked bodies together whenever one is standing doing something, like chopping vegetables in the kitchen, or pumping up a bike tire. But this time, she put one hand around the front of me offering to hold my penis as I peed. Nothing wrong with that, I thought, and let her do it. But then, as the pee was streaming out, she squeezed the end shut. That totally fucking hurt! I yelled, and she let go.

    Fast forward a year or so, and she thought it might be fun to block my cum. So she gave me head, and then when I was about to cum, she switched to a handjob. Without telling me in advance that she was going to do so, she squeezed the end of my dick shut. When I came, that too, hurt, but it wasn’t terrible. In fact it was rather nice, although as soon as my orgasmic contractions slowed down, it became inexplicably bothersome, so I asked her to let go. The cum gushed out, but it was pink. You see, there was some blood mixed in with it. That scared me for a couple of days, but whatever it was, I recovered fully.

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