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Black Lives Matter!

I have a few extra dollars, so I had taken to going to the dollar store once a week, buying a hundred dollars worth of cans and boxes of food, and taking them to the food bank.

I met Jamique there. She was one of the volunteers handling the distribution of food. I was immediately attracted to her. Being a somewhat dorky, tall guy with Nordic blond hair, how could I resist someone so opposite? She was tiny, and skinny, but with strikingly huge tits, built almost like Dolly Parton, but black.

We struck up a conversation. It turns out Jamique was a nurse with a very interesting background. She grew up in ‘the projects’ in the worst part of Baltimore with a mother and no father. She was experimenting with hard drugs by age 14. She had beat up, and been beaten up by other kids. In fact, she had a rough scar on one shoulder where she had been grazed by a bullet. She was headed down a very bad path. Then one day, she saw something on an Oprah show that made her believe she could get a student loan and go to college. From that day she worked really hard in school, got a small scholarship, built up a reasonable credit score, and ended going through nursing school. I asked her how she managed to stay on track, and she said, “I just decided.”

I liked her personality right away, although her strong inner-city accent, her quick self-defensive temper, and her tendency to include at least one swear word in every paragraph was a bit off-putting.

Despite that, we started dating, and it was only about two weeks before we found ourselves in my hot tub, without a stitch of clothing. Her body was even more amazing than I imagined. We retired to my bedroom. I was expecting some of the best sex of my life.

It was then, in a small, apologetic voice, she said that she was deathly afraid of sex. As a nurse, she’s naturally afraid of disease, and the thought of anything that could harm her health, even if it was just something like herpes or crabs, freaked her out.

I was about to be very disappointed, but she quickly added that she loves anything other than outright fucking. She admitted that she masturbates frequently, and would love to do some mutual masturbating with me. ‘Oh, well, that’s a horse of a different color,’ I thought. Because, I too, love all forms of masturbation.

I mean, I have fucked women, and while that’s OK, focusing on giving a woman orgasms with my fingers or tongue, and having her do the same to me is way, way better! At least in my opinion. [He laughs.]

So I brought her to multiple orgasms, and she brought me to a single, draining orgasm, all by hand. I was so totally attracted to her dark skin overall, and her very black nipples, inner labia and asshole area.

We fell asleep that first evening with my head against her huge and amazing tits. They were the best pillow in the world.

Time went on, and I found her to the best, most-caring person in the world. She is a nurse, but she has taken a lower-paying job than she qualifies for at a nursing home because she just loves taking care of the older people.

As I mentioned, she volunteered at a food bank. She led a church youth group once a week, and there’s one more thing Jamique did. It freaked me out at first.

She gives special attention to some of her charges in the nursing home. It evolved from backrubs.

She would give handjobs or even suck off some of the older gents, and even licked a few old ladies’ pussies until they orgasmed. Her philosophy is that some (not all) old people who aren’t ‘getting any,’ as she put it, really, really enjoy anything sexual that comes their way.

I was wondering how the management didn’t find out and fire her right away. She told me the couple who run the privately owned retirement home are a very caring couple. They were at first very concerned when she came to them and suggested that she offer something more than just backrubs to her clients, but after awhile were fully on board with it. She brought the owners along gradually. The backrubs turned into full massages on a portable massage table. From there, there was a lot of inner thigh and buttock touching. When the residents let her know how much they missed more intimate touching, she began intimately touching them.

How do I know she was doing this? She came right out and told me. Then she invited me along. The first resident we visited said to her right away, “So this is the young gentleman you’ve been telling me about?” I was a bit embarrassed. No, make that very embarrassed!

I watched Jamique strip the old fellow naked, and work his ancient but rock-hard penis into a glorious ejaculation. He seemed to especially love have me watching. By the time the afternoon was over, I myself had given another old guy a handjob, while I watched Jamique lick an old woman’s clitoris to a shattering orgasm.

Jamique and I spent a glorious year together. Then one day, she started coughing. It was a bit worrisome because it was the very beginning of this thing that people were starting to talk about: Coronavirus. No one had started wearing masks yet. No one even really knew if it was a serious threat. It had been mostly in China, but a few cases were starting to happen here too. Well, to make a long story short, Jamique came down with Covid-19. I thought she was going to be OK, but over the course of two days, it got worse and worse. In the middle of the night, she was having great difficulty breathing. I called an ambulance. In the hospital, she went unconscious. She died a day later, one of the first people in the US to succumb to the disease.

Do black lives matter? Yes, they matter!

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about Jamique’s death. The picture of her is beautiful. What she was doing at the old folks home was outstanding. I am am a male, but would also like to work where I could provide so much pleasure to the patients. Again, the world lost a very special person.

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