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Bangkok Body Massage

By Spurtz

Bangkok Body Massage, erotic memoir by Spurtz

Back years ago there were a series of movies about a woman named Emanuelle. These films were, at the time, some of the most explicit and erotic mainstream movies in release. One of them, I don’t recall the title but they all had Emanuelle’s name in them, took place in Thailand. At one point in the film Emanuelle and her husband, along with another woman, went to a massage parlor in Bangkok for a full body massage. This is where the woman giving the massage basically does it with her nude body as opposed to her hands.

At the time that I saw this, I thought it was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen. Both Emanuelle, her girl friend, and the husband all had these naked hotties writhing their bodies all over them. I told my wife that before I died, I would have to experience that. It became a running joke between us about me and the Thai full body massage treatment.

Years later my wife and I and two other couples put together a 28 day tour of Asia. We flew to Tokyo, then to Kyoto, and then rode the bullet train to Osaka where we flew to Hong Kong. Several days were spent in each city we visited. Some visits as many as four days and some as little as two.

From Hong Kong we flew to Bangkok and then to Penang, an island off the coast of Maylasia. From Penang it was on to Singapore, then Jakarta and Bali, both in Indonesia, then back to Hong Kong and then home to Los Angeles.

Prior to the trip, I incessantly joked with my wife about what I was going to do when I got to Bangkok and during the first part of the trip we talked about it on numerous occasions. Although getting one of those full body massages was a long time dream of mine, in the back of my mind I knew it would most likely never happen.

My wife was fairly jealous and used to get quite upset if I showed any interest in another woman, even if it was just an innocent flirtation, so I never thought she would put up with me going to a Thai massage parlor. Since all our conversation about it was just light banter in a joking way, I never really seriously considered it.

We had four days in Bangkok and by the second day my wife asked me if I was going to get the Thai body massage. I realized that she was serious and I sort of hemmed and hawed around and said I didn’t think so.

There was a book in our hotel room that was full of advertisements for all kinds of tourist delights and so she started paging through it until she found a massage parlor that advertised full body massages. She showed me the ad and told me that I had been talking about this experience for ten years and now I had the chance to do it and I would be crazy not to take advantage of it.

I was really surprised that she was so gung ho for me to do this so naturally I said I would. But I was a little gun shy of striking off into Bangkok, especially to a massage parlor, on my own. So I called the room of one of the guys traveling with us and his wife said both of the guys (who were brothers) were in the hotel gym. So I went to the gym and told them what I wanted to do. I had joked with them about doing this so they weren’t surprised that I was going. At first they didn’t want to go because they were very worried about what their wives would say.

Finally I talked them into it and they basically just said to their wives that we were all going for a massage. After getting cleaned up we met in the lobby and got a taxi. It turned out to be quite a trip mainly because Bangkok traffic is incredibly bad. After more than a half hour the cab pulled up in front of a building that looked exactly like a hotel. The cab driver said he would wait for us.

Once in the building it was obvious that it had been a hotel at one time. The lobby still had a registration counter in it but the main part of the lobby contained a huge glassed in section with some S-shaped steps. I think there were about 8 steps and the whole thing was maybe 20 feet long. Arranged on the steps behind the glass were about 20 truly beautiful Thai girls. There was probably room for as many as 60 girls but this was mid afternoon and I presume more girls showed up later on in the evening.

The manager, who spoke perfect English, explained that we could pick out which girl we wanted. Each one had a badge on with a number and we would just give him the number of the girl we wanted. Some of the numbers had a “B” in front of them, which meant that girl did the body massage. Out of the 20 or so girls, maybe six or seven of them had the “B” prefix.

He went on to say that we could have a 90-minute session with the girls for $100 each. We had been told by our guide when we first arrived in Bangkok that we should never pay the asking price for anything. Always bargain. Our guide said that the Thai business people always ask double. So did we bargain? I guess we were all so hot to trot that the thought never crossed our mind. Plus I guess a hundred bucks seemed like a bargain.

Stewart, the older of the two brothers, picked out an extremely beautiful girl who had a nameplate with a number and the “B” prefix. Don, the other brother kind of surprised me by picking what I thought was just an average looking lady, also with a “B” prefix. I kept looking longer than either of them, very carefully judging all the remaining girls with the “B.” I finally found one who I thought was extremely exotic looking and also young.

We went to the counter and paid for all three of us with my company credit card. The manager got the three girls and brought them over and introduced us. Stewart’s girl spoke perfect English. Don’s could speak a little but mine couldn’t’ speak a word. Each girl got a tray with several vials of liquid. The trays were supplied by one of the girls behind the counter. We then followed the girls to an elevator and we went up about three floors. I think the building had about five floors. The manager came with us.

When we got off the elevator, the upper lobby area had a stack of inflated air mattresses. Each girl picked one up and started down the hall. Each of us three couples went into separate rooms. When I entered the room, the first thing I saw was a round bed with a giant mirror over the top of it. The manager briefly explained that there was an intercom by the door and we could order drinks and even snacks if desired. There was also a knob on the wall that switched to several different kinds of piped in music.

After he left, I looked at the room. It had two levels. The upper level was where the bed was and then there were about two steps down to the lower level, which was all tiled. Over on one side of the lower level was a sunken tub. The young lady with me (I later found out she was 19) laid the air mattress down on the tiled floor and began to draw water into the tub.

While the water filled the tub, she started disrobing. As soon as she was totally naked, she stepped over to me and began to undress me. I was totally knocked out when I saw her body. She originally had sort of a shapeless dress on and it was hard to really judge what her body looked like but it was near perfect. Thai women, as a group, are among the most beautiful in the world. Most of them are actually Eurasian because years ago there was a very strong population of people from Europe, primarily France, in Thailand and a great amount of mixing of races took place with really fabulous results.

Anyway, I digress. Once she had me stripped she took one of the vials of liquid off of the tray she had and poured it into the bath. It was some kind of aromatic bubble bath. Then she motioned for me to join her in the tub and she proceeded to give me a wonderful relaxing sponge bath. She scrubbed my entire body, not missing a single spot.

After completion of the bath she had me get out and she had a hand held showerhead on a long hose and she hosed us both down getting all the bubble bath and soapsuds off of us.

Then she directed me to lie down on the air mattress on my stomach. She took another vial of liquid from her tray and poured it into a wooden bowl and then took a wooden spoon and began to whip the liquid into a froth. It turned out that this stuff was some kind of lubricant. It was almost the consistency of whipped cream and not at all greasy. Using some of this stuff, she started giving me a conventional massage, starting at my feet and working up my whole body and down both arms. Then she had me turn over and repeated the whole process. Of course I was hard as a rock by now and in fact, I first became erect in the tub.

Once she completed the hand massage she lathered the lubricant onto my body very liberally and then proceeded to lay on top of me and began to writhe around on me. She did some extremely interesting and erotic things with that great little body of hers. She slid up and down my back, moving her body all over mine from head to toe. Then she turned me over, put a another layer of lube all over me, and did the same thing to the front of me…..sliding her slippery body up and down over my cock multiple times. I thought a couple of times that I might cum but she kept mixing it up enough that I didn’t get sensory overload on any one part of my body.

Then using her pussy as her massage tool, she proceeded to press it against any area of my body that she could and then would rotate it around massaging me with her pussy. She did this on my thighs, my hips, my arms, and the one that I will never, ever forget is she had me on my stomach and proceeded to straddle the back of my neck and gave me a neck massage with her pussy. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

She had so many different ways to massage me with her body that I can’t even remember all of them. I just know that this went on for over an hour and I never wanted it to stop. But all good things must come to an end and she finally got up and motioned for me to get up. Using the hand held shower, a sponge and some soap, she washed all the lubricant off of both of us. Then she toweled us dry and pulled me to the bed.

I will be honest about it, at this point I was so incredibly relaxed, I think I could have gone to sleep. I flopped down on my back, totally relaxed but she wasn’t having any of that. Up to this point, while she never avoided my penis, she had never totally focused on it. It got a huge amount of stimulation but so did the rest of my body. Any penis contact was just part of the overall experience. But now that changed.

She put my cock in her mouth and began to suck on it. Even though she was a paid sex worker and had probably had thousands of dicks in her, I was totally fascinated with her pussy and wanted to go down on her so before long we were engaged in a very hot ‘69’ and her little pussy was as fresh and as sweet as you could ever hope. After a while I stole a glance at my watch and saw that we were running out of time and I really wanted to finish the session off with a good fuck and a satisfying orgasm. And that’s exactly what we did. This was pre-AIDs so a condom was not mandatory. Fucking a prostitute without a condom is probably risky even without AIDs but at that point I didn’t care. Anyway, once I set my mind to getting my orgasm, it didn’t take long for me to fill her up with cum. It was one of the most satisfying orgasms I ever had mainly because all the foreplay was definitely the most erotic that I ever experienced. And it had lasted way longer than most foreplay does.

She cleaned me up and we got dressed and just as we did, a little light went on over the door indicating our time was up. When we got back to the lobby, Stewart was sitting there with the girl he had been with. I sat down with them and my girl joined me. Stewart explained that Don had ordered a drink and they brought the wrong one so they had extended his time by another 15 minutes. So we sat there and Stew’s girl translated several questions I had to my girl. That’s when I found out how old she was. I also asked if any men ever brought their wives along and was informed that was fairly common with Europeans but not so much with Americans. In the back of my mind I was thinking that might be a fun thing to do although I doubt my wife at the time would have gone for it.

I was impressed with the fact that the girls stayed with us instead of immediately hustling back over to the steps. Things were picking up by now as a lot more girls were on the steps with many more patrons checking them out than when we had arrived.

Finally Don came down and the three of us started towards the door. Amazingly, the three girls followed us out the door and even more amazingly, our cab was still there. As we got into the cab each of the girls gave us a hug and kissed us goodbye. I was very impressed with this as it really was totally unexpected.

On the ride back to the hotel, which was even longer than the ride over because traffic had gotten worse, the three of us excitedly compared notes. We all agreed that it was definitely a high point in our sexual experiences, if not the best. The two brothers were also very worried about how they were going to explain our lengthy absence. They spent the last fifteen minutes of the ride conjuring up an elaborate story and made me swear to go along with it in case anything came up while the whole group was together. It didn’t so I wasn’t put in a position of having to lie.

I finally got back to my room and my wife was concerned because I had been gone so long. But I explained that the massage place was quite a ways across town and that traffic was a bitch, which she already knew. And then I told her that the sessions itself was 90 minutes and she wanted to know every detail.

So I proceeded to tell her the whole story in as detailed a fashion as I possibly could. I didn’t leave out anything. By the time I got to the part about the girl massaging my neck with her pussy, my wife was obviously getting really turned on to the whole thing. As I continued to tell her about it, she undid my belt and unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. We were already laying on the bed. She said the story was so hot she wanted me to fuck her and continue to tell her the story while we did it.

As I was riding back in the cab I was thinking I would be lucky to get it up again for a few days because I was so wiped out. But reliving the experience by telling my wife about it, especially once she had freed my cock and started sucking it, damned if I didn’t get rock hard again and before long we were both ripping our clothes off and I plunged my prick into her sopping wet pussy and proceeded to fuck her brains out. The whole time I am pounding away I am giving her all of the sexy details of everything I did. I told my wife that I had gone down on this sweet little Thai girl and sucked her pussy and how good it smelled and how sweet it tasted. The more details I divulged the more frantic our thrusting became and before long I was shooting another load of my cum as she screamed in ecstasy as her orgasm crashed home.

After we both came, we just lay there exhausted with our sweaty bodies stuck together. Finally I rolled off of her and lay there totally drained. We both agreed it was one of the best fucks we had ever had. I told her maybe I needed to go to a massage parlor more often. She didn’t think so…..

Note: This was the first time in my life that I ever paid for sex and I must say it was probably the best $100 I ever spent. As a note of interest, I read a story in one of the forums on the net, and I believe it was Solotouch, where the writer described a massage parlor in Bangkok and all of the details matched so perfectly, it had to be the same place.


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