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Balls On Fire

ballbusting sister gives firm testicle massage

My sister decided to stay in her dorm room during Christmas. Her roommie went home, so she had the place to herself. She invited me over. Like always, I was delighted. Sammi and I are very close. I figured she had something sexual planned again, and I was right.

As soon as I arrived we were both out of our clothes. Sammi had read about testicle squeezing and wanted to try it on me. Full disclosure, we had played with the idea just a little bit once before. Then, it was just some firm testicle massage, which I really enjoyed, even though it was on the point of painful. I remained very erect while she kind of squished my balls back and forth in my scrotum with her thumbs and fingertips.

It’s not like we were having sex or anything. In my book, it’s OK that it is my sister. Two people can do whatever they like as long as no one is being harmed, right?

On this day, she explained to me that testicles are like chicken gizzards, with very rubbery skins. They can’t be burst or damaged from hand pressure alone, other than the area where the spermatic cords attach, which she promised to stay away from. I was totally willing to comply with this experiment. She had pulled her bed a little away from the wall, so she could tie my wrists and ankles with bandanas to the corners of the bed. She gave me a safeword, ‘rabbit.’ I was to say ‘rabbit’ if it became too intense.

She started with a very light touch of my scrotum, then ran her fingertip ever so lightly over my frenulum. I could have cum just from that if she did it long enough.

Then she focused on my balls, starting with a light massage. Slowly, she worked up the pressure. Now, it was starting to hurt. I made it a point to remember the safeword in case I would need it. The pain was increasing. I was quietly pronouncing ‘rabbit’ over and over in my head. I was still really enjoying the ball massage, but also starting to get worried. She continued to apply more and more pressure. Every now and then one of my balls would slip out of her grasp. That really hurt.

After only another minute or two, my balls felt like they were on fire. Especially my right testicle. Oh my fucking god it hurt!

Suddenly, without my super-erect penis ever being touched, it started bobbing in the air and I was ejaculating all over my belly.

You’d think Sammi would rub my penis to complete the ejaculation, but no, she kept massaging my balls, even harder as the cum was squirting out. I didn’t have as much time to enjoy the orgasm as I should have, because the pain became super-intense.


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