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Aw, Sis

“Show me again!”

“Aw, Sis, I showd you yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that.”

“Well, I want to see the milk-like stuff come out again.”

“Alright, I guess, but you’ve got to get me in the mood.”


“You know, same as last time.”


And with that, she whipped off her T-shirt and panties – all she had been wearing.

My erection came to life. She already knew what I wanted next, and she very willingly complied.

She got on my bed on all fours with her ass spread and up in the air, giving me a clear view of her puckered pink little anus. I was in heaven. To this day, I can never get enough of the female anus. And of course I saw most of her vagina, too. I asked her to flip over, spread her legs wide, and open her vagina as far as she could.

She was happy to do so. I could see it was slippery and wet. She had trouble spreading it as wide as I wanted. It wouldn’t be until years later that I was able to see deep into a non-virgin vagina. To see an actual cervix. So, all I could see was my sister’s pinkness leading down into what seemed an intermidably deep slot.

“It’s going to squirt,” I practically yelled as I felt the orgasm building.

She got up from the bed, wrecking my view, but I was just as happy to have her watching me stroke myself so intently. It was her rapt interest that drove me over the edge. This time, she got a little too close, and some of my sperm ended up on her cheek. We both laughed.

2 thoughts on “Aw, Sis

  1. It was your semen that ended up on her cheek. Yes, sperm was involved but it makes up something like 3 to 5% of a cum load. Not enough to refer to the entire load as “sperm.”

  2. Okay Dr. Jagoff

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