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At the Y in 2046

I believe the year was 2045 or 2046. I was starting to get bit flabby, or maybe just concerned that I was becoming flabby, so I joined the YMCA. On the one hand, I knew what to expect, but the actuality of it was so much better than I had imagined.

The price was reasonable, only $795/month. I mean, anyone could afford that, and so the membership was diverse. We had everything from children to house husbands to policemen to professors. Men and women, of course.

Whereas the M in YMCA stand’s for “Men’s,” segregation of sexes has been long in the past. I mean, sometimes youngsters have trouble believing that public places such as restaurants had separate bathrooms for men and women. And that there were metal or plastic walls around each and every toilet. Weird, eh?

So, I joined in some activities. Weightlifting, pickleball, swimming, volleyball, and of course the latest hot new sport, smashbucket. I was only mildly surprised that pickleball and volleyball were generally clothes-free. Of course no one wore anything in the swimming sessions.

My first time with volleyball, I got a pretty good erection when looking at a thin, tall young lady. She had been lasered of course, as pretty much everyone was these days, except those who wanted to be different. I often found the few hairy people quite sexy for their exoticness.

She and I exchanged pleasantries between points. You might even say it was a bit of flirting, but nothing came of it. No surprise there. Neither of us felt any particular need. We weren’t horny. We were just having fun being silly. In fact, I was similarly silly with a couple of the guys there, including one guy who had to be ninety if he was a day. Still, sleek and fit, of course.

He started to bone up during part of the game also, and I think it was because of me. If so, I was honored, and it kept my erection bobbing around in front of me as I tried my hand at spiking and blocking. I was so poor at it that people laughed at me lovingly. We all had fun with the volleyball, including me.

Afterward, it was time to hit the showers. My erection had subsided by then. I entered the locker room and noticed a couple of guys jerking off while sitting on the benches or leaning against walls. There were some lounge chairs around, and one woman, perhaps around 40 years old, dark haired and a bit overweight was tickling a nipple with one hand, and rubbing her clit with the other, while arching her back in obvious ecstasy, and pretty much oblivious to everyone around, even the thin older woman and man who were standing over her, and masturbating themselves.

I sat on a bench opposite the two guys jerking off, and started to play with my scrotum a bit, which caused me to harden again. They took notice, and complimented me on my good looks. That’s a laugh, because I don’t look that great at all. I’m just an average guy, maybe less.

One of the guys soon squirted cum into a towel with a grunt, and then went on into the showers. The other guy and I were just kind of idly jerking off when the tall young lady from volleyball with whom I had been flirting came in. To my delight, she bent over to get something out of a gym bag, showing me a great view of her asshole. Obviously, that was on purpose, a show for me.

Knowing an invitation when I see one, I reached out, and ever so lightly touched the exact middle of her anus. She said “Ummm!” At that point, she spread her towel on the floor, got down on here elbows and knees, and I spit on finger and started gently working my finger into her pretty, puckered anus. With my other hand, I started rubbing along her slit, which soon became damp, and I started pressing two fingers in. She encouraged me to continue as I crouched over her, and so I gave her a good hearty orgasm.

While that was happening, the 90-year-old gent came in and started playing with my asshole in the same way I was playing with hers. I encouraged him, and soon, he reached under me with his other hand and started gently rubbing my prick up and down. If I hadn’t already been hard, I would have surely erected then and there. I felt the old guy’s rock-hard penis occasionally brushing against my ass and right hip.

In due course, the young lady started bucking and had a second, wonderful orgasm, which along with the attention from the old fellow caused me to have an orgasm. After a minute of calming down, we both turned our attention to him. He laid down, face up on her towel, while we both knelt beside him, I gave him a blowjob while she gently massaged his balls. While this was going on, a 40-year-old woman had come over and was massaging the old guy’s temples and forehead, while my young friend reached her other hand to the woman’s vagina and was playing with it.

It took the guy a while to cum, but we were in no hurry, enjoying his enjoyment. Needless to say, no one even contemplated any sort of penetrative sex. That had been out of style for a good ten years. Oh, sometimes people do it, but with the changes in society’s attitude to public nudity and masturbation, no one, and I mean NO ONE feels the NEED to be sexual in that sense.

I’m so glad to be alive in this era. Everyone treats everyone equally. We no longer seek out skinny young people as was done back in the early 21st century. We’re equal, and we see each other that way. We’re no longer sexually repressed. Anyone can go nude anywhere, and when it’s warm, they generally do. Anyone can wank anywhere, and seeing that is common. You’ll see guys and girls of all ages jerking off at bus stops, picnic tables, even restaurants. Sometimes you see people doing each other, but more often it is just people enjoying themselves while participating or watching their surroundings.

When children read in their history books the way it was even just a few short years ago, they can’t believe we were actually that, well, puritanical. That was my first time at the Y. I go at least three times a week, and it is generally even better than that first session was. I have gotten to know some of the people by name. Some of us have gone to pubs together after our workouts, and we’re all becoming great friends.

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