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An Extremely Enjoyable Homework Assignment for Women

Female masturbation homework assignment

I’d like to propose the following homework assignment.

You can complete this assignment by yourself, or with friends, family, or coworkers, assuming they’re onboard with masturbating together.

Here’s your assignment:

1. Get naked and comfortable in your usual way.

2. Start masturbating.

3. Try your best not to have a full-blown, pulsating orgasm.

4. Instead, feel the chills starting to develop through your body.

5. Masturbate just a little. That may mean more lightly, more slowly, or stimulating a different part of your body. The objective is to stay in the stage where you’re feeling an ongoing chill that can become super-strong, but you don’t go over an edge that would result in full orgasm.

6. Understand that you may not have a breakthrough right away. Keep practicing. The assignment doesn’t necessarily end with one attempt. It could take a while before you get the special effect. Some women have worked on this technique for literally years, extending the length of time, and the intensity of the chills. As you gain experience, you may discover that the pre-orgasmic chills become more intense than full orgasms. They can certainly last longer.

7. Once you master the technique, you can discuss it, maybe even demonstrate it to other people, and you’ll be promoting the many physical and mental health benefits of masturbation.

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