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An Extremely Enjoyable Homework Assignment for Men

I’d like to propose the following homework assignment.

You can complete this assignment by yourself, or with friends, family, or coworkers, assuming they’re onboard.

OK, here’s your assignment:

1. Get naked and comfortable in your usual way.

2. Start masturbating.

3. Your objective is to release a single drop of cum.

4. You may not believe that it is possible. You may wonder exactly how to accomplish that.

Here’s what you do: Bring yourself close to orgasm, but stop before you ejaculate. Don’t stop for long. Take only a second or two before you resume stimulation. Stop, or maybe even just slow down as often as you need.

5. As you practice, you may start feeling a sort of chill, or springiness happening in your body, which you’ve experienced before as an early stage of orgasm. Focus on that, and let it build. It can become super-strong. Pretty soon, you’ll notice that you’re actually orgasming, but nothing is coming out. Furthermore, you stay aroused and erect, and you can maintain that orgasm continuously, or have it go away and come back numerous times.

6. It takes real skill to go one level deeper, and release a single drop of cum, so you probably won’t succeed on your first attempt. You may have to practice this many times before you have a breakthrough.

7. Don’t be surprised if in your early sessions, you fall away from orgasming and have to build up again several times, or go over the edge with a full ejaculation.

8. After the first time you release a single drop of semen, your body seems to understand what you want to accomplish, and it becomes easier. It is not uncommon for an expert, someone with years of practice, to release a drop every few minutes, three or four times. At the end he may be satisfied with never having fully ejaculated, or he may prefer to end his sessions with a crashing ejaculation.

A variation that is somewhat easier to accomplish, and probably just as nice overall, is to give yourself continuous dry orgasms. Everything is the same, but your goal is not to produce drops of semen, but to have orgasms complete with urethral contractions, in which nothing comes out.

You may feel that this is fiction. Let me assure you that although it is an uncommon practice, I, and thousands of other guys have actually learned to have continuous one-drop or dry orgasms.

Once you master the technique, you can discuss it, maybe even demonstrate it to other people, and you’ll be promoting the many physical and mental health benefits of masturbation.

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  1. I can confirm that multiple dry orgasms are possible. I sometimes get “ruined ” orgasms with a lot smaller amount of semen, but more than a drop. Challenge accepted!

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