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After Massage

after male massage

“I’ll put this little towel on you so I don’t have to see your penis. You know, in case you get an erection.”

“Oh, do guys get erections sometimes?”

“Yeah, not always, but pretty often.”

“You don’t want to see that?”

“Oh, I love seeing a good erection, but it embarrasses the clients.”

“Not me. I wouldn’t be embarrassed.”

“OK,” and she whisked the towel away.

As you might expect, once the part of the massage came where she had me flip over, my cock was hard as a rock, and stuck straight up.

She ignored it entirely. However, at the end of the massage, she asked whether I might like a testicle massage.


She did just that. It was gentle. I felt my actual balls moving around in my scrotum as she manipulated them. She was kind of squeezing them back and forth. It was absolutely wonderful, but ended too soon. Another couple of minutes, and I probably would have started begging her for a handjob.

But, she’s a total professional – I assume. And I’m too shy. So, it never happened.

When it was over, she left the room, letting me know I had at least 15 minutes before her next appointment, and I could just relax. What she didn’t say is that I could jerk off there if I wanted. She did, however, make a bit of a show of putting the little towel back on the table next to me.

The door closed behind her, and within literally less than a minute, I made good use of the towel.

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