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Advanced Exam

Advanced masturbation educator exam handjob

“Welcome Mr. Washington.”

“You can call me Jamal.”

“OK, Jamal. I’ll be your examiner. My name is George. George Lewis.”

“And this is your assistant examiner, Amy, who also happens to be my sister.”

“Hi Jamal.”

“You will be scored not only on technique and skill, but also on affability. So, smile and have a good time.”

“How could I not?” [He laughs.]

“Are you nervous?”

“Only a little.”

“Go ahead and disrobe.”

Jamal takes off his clothes, folding them neatly on a nearby chair. He then climbs onto the massage table.

“You’ve already passed the first part of the test. The speed and ease of which you achieve an erection. We’ve had several men in here who actually have trouble getting hard at first.”

“The next test is of your erection itself. Amy will feel your penis for stiffness.”

Amy puts her hands on Jamal’s penis, squeezing and bending slightly, and reports that it is fully firm and erect.

“Now we get on to one of the more difficult parts. We want you to demonstrate several dry orgasms. Amy will put her fingertips between your anus and scrotum, so she can feel your contractions. Go ahead and begin.”

Jamal starts stroking his penis. It takes two or three minutes, as expected, but soon his prostate and urethra are spasming as he is in orgasm. He is quite skilled at the technique, and remains in orgasm for quite a while without ejaculating.

“Excellent,” Amy reports.

“Here comes the most difficult part of the test. This is where most men fail, Jamal. Are you ready?”

“You mean the drip test?”

“Precisely, Jamal. We want you to release a single drop of semen.”

Jamal returns to stroking his penis. The process takes several minutes. George and Amy can see his face contorting, his body tensing and his labored breathing. He is obviously in and out of high orgasm. Finally, a small amount of semen appears at the tip of his penis, amounting to two or three drips, but no more.

“Wonderful!” George exclaims.

“Now, we’ll wait awhile until your penis starts to soften, then you can bring it back up, and take yourself to full ejaculation.”

George, Amy, and Jamal engage in small talk for a while.

“Ok, go ahead and jerk off.”

Once again Jamal starts stroking, and his penis gets fully erect in short order. He continues and finally has a full ejaculation.

Amy wipes the semen off his belly, then grabs his penis with one hand, and starts rubbing the palm of her hand over the tip of his penis with the other.

Jamal is in intense tickle. Not pain, but a very difficult feeling to accommodate, especially after having just ejaculated. He squirms, he moans, his face is all contorted, but he does not try to get away.

As this treatment continues, George explains that this final test is crucial. Occasionally, Jamal may be in a situation where he ejaculates too soon, but will have to continue working after ejaculation. If he can withstand Amy’s glans rubbing, he will have passed the final test.

Amy continues, seemingly forever. In fact, it is about five minutes during which Jamal’s penis stays hard. Jamal has been feeling intensity beyond belief, but the wildness starts to settle down, and now becomes more like a feeling that he needs to urinate. Amy continues, and Jamal does indeed start leaking out spurts of urine. This is expected, and has no bearing on the outcome of the examination.

Finally, Jamal’s penis softens, and Amy steps away from the table.

George makes a final note on the clipboard and with a big smile announces that Jamal has passed the test with flying colors. Jamal is now a certified advanced masturbation instructor.

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