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A Shocking But Delightful Surprise – Gay POV

Another story from a client. This guy is 27 years old, quite tall, like maybe 6’2″ or 6’3″ and thin. He has curly black hair, a fetching smile, and a very outgoing personality.

So I read your stuff about placing an ad online and gave it a try right away. I mean, how cool would it be to get with a guy by simply writing some emails back and forth? Oh, I’ve been with some guys before, but it was rare, scary, and hard to set up.

I received four responses. Two of the guys obviously didn’t read my ad and responded inappropriately. I didn’t even write back. The other two seemed like good possibilties. They both sent cock pictures. I chose one of the two because we both liked blow jobs, and described in a degree of detail what we wanted. So we set up a time, 3pm. All I needed was his address, and I’d be on my way. Suddenly, he discontinued emailing. Three o’clock rolled around and nothing. The guy fell off the face of the earth. I was disappointed.

So, that left the other guy. He said he wasn’t so much into blowjobs, but wouldn’t mind being blown. Like you, Jeremy, he said he was mostly into handjobs. Well, I can certainly enjoy that, too.

We worked out a time, and he sent his address right away. Much better!

At 7pm, I was ringing his doorbell. He had a small, shabby place. More of a bungalow than a house. I heard footsteps approaching the door, then it opened. And who should be standing there?

It was Chris, a guy on my volleyball team! We play outdoor six-man every Sunday afternoon all summer long.

Holy Shit! I was simultaneously scared and delighted! I’ve never felt that before. And, it appeared he was just as scared and delighted as I was. I don’t often stammer, but I’m afraid I did then. I think I said something intelligent like, “I.. I… It’s you!”

At first his face was like a big O. Not quite blank, but surprised, and not necessarily happily surprised. Then, he broke into a huge grin and invited me in. Chances are, I grinned in response, but I don’t quite remember. I had fantasized a time or two about doing something with Chris, as I did with most of the members of our team. I just have a thing about tall people. I kind of pictured all six of us showering together and getting wood, and then doing something about it. Like the six of us just casually grabbing each other’s dicks and starting to wank, But that was just a fantasy. In reality, we all went home and showered independently. It wasn’t like a sports team in a gym. But I had imagined just Chris and I showering together.

Once, I was inside, I was rather surprised. The outside of the house was small and it obvisouly needed a coat of paint. Inside, it was still small, but beautiful. He had a baby grand filling most of the living room. Higher than average quality art covered the walls, and he had a rather extensive bookshelf. He had spread a blanket on the sofa in preparation for my arrival.

At that point, he said something like, and I don’t remember the words exactly: “TJ, I’ve actually thought about you sexually, but never thought it could ever happen.”

I then admitted that I had fantasized about him also.

The next few moments were awkward. He sat in an armchair, and I sat on the blanket-covered sofa, and we just tallked about volleyball and stuff. Neither of us made any moves to remove clothing or anything. Finally, I figured out an approach that might break the ice. i asked whether he had any porn.

“Yes, great idea.” With that, he went over to his TV and pulled out a half-dozen DVDs from under the screen. He said, “Do you like men, women, or both?”

Now, I’m bi, but I said, “Let’s see men.”

He said, “Good, because that’s mostly what I have.”

He put one in, and after the opening credits and what looked like an ad for other porn flicks, it settled down to some guys meeting in a bar. This was going to be one of those videos that takes a while to settle in.

Chris asked whether I mind if he starts jacking to the video. Did I mind? Heck no! It was time to get things rolling. I answered not in words, but by pulling my pants down to my knees. He did likewise and came and sat next to me on the sofa.

Wordlessly, we started stroking our cocks next to each other while staying somewhat focused on the porn, or, I should say, thet video that was yet to become porn. My penis was starting to harden up, and it seemed his was also.

I have a lot of black hair around my penis. I don’t trim as so many guys do today. To me, at least, that just doesn’t seem, well, ‘natural’ or something. He was totally shaved smooth, and on him, that seemed just right, matching his bald head and all. And I do mean all. Shortly thereafter, he took off his shirt, and his underarms and chest were shaved too. Actually, it had a very nice effect on me. I became fully hard right away. It didn’t hurt that I noticed a very slight odor on Chris. A bit of cologne.

Well, I won’t bore you with the details. The porn got into full swing, with the guys on the screen eventually doing anal. Chris and I reached out and tentatively stroked each other’s cocks. Then, I put my mouth around his penis, and he didn’t mind. I was kind of worried about that, since from his emails I had the impression he wasn’t much into blowjobs.

After a short while, he said he wanted to try sucking me, and then he did. It turns out, he knew what he was doing, and it felt great. At one point, he brushed his tongue very lightly and repeatedly over my peehole, which felt fantastic. I’ve never had that done before, and so of course I returned the jesture, using my tongue in the same way on his peehole. We made it all last quite a while, but eventually, after trading off several times, I came in his mouth, and he came in mine.

Afterward, I stayed for an hour or so. Still totally naked, he played his piano for me. He seems to enjoy boogie woogie or bluegrass . Well, I don’t know exactly what that kind of music is called, but I liked it very much. We then talked about fantasies a bit, and bulit one together. It involves getting together with the whole team. I suspect most of them are primarily hetrosexual, but I’ll bet most or all, would jump at the opportunity to play with Chris and I. We figured it might start out with massages. Maybe we’ll see if we can make that happen someday. Right now, as Chris and I both admitted, we’d be scared to death to approach any of the others with our ideas.

When Sunday rolled around, I was more than the usual amount excited to play volleyball. There was Chris. We didn’t even so much as wink at each other, and we enjoy the afternoon’s volleyball in the usual way.

We’re planning to meet up again soon.

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