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A Rough Time with Carl

I have a friend in his early 40s who, like me, is married and enjoys getting together with men from time to time. He likes rough, experimental play, and so do I, although I can also enjoy ordinary, lighter stimulation and as to the rough stuff, I more enjoy giving than getting. Here’s what we did the other day:

Carl greeted me at the door, totally naked as usual. He noticed I had a grocery bag, and asked what I had brought with a twinkle in his eye. I showed him – it was just some things I had hastily picked up at Harbor Freight (a tool store). I know he likes rough activities, and he mentioned an interest in buying some sounds in our latest email. So, I brought:

A pack of shrink wrap tubing in various diameters. These were flexible, thin, plastic tubes about a foot long (30cm), and varying in diameter from about 3/16-inch to 1/2-inch (4mm to 13mm or so).

I brought a pack of sandpaper. Hoping that he still had the aquarium tubing we played with last time, and knowing the edges were too sharp, I was hoping we could smooth that tubing’s ends.

I found a spring-loaded gluing clamp. You can squeeze it open with one hand, then slowly release it on two fingertips. It has smooth ends, and squeezes your fingers just to the point of discomfort.

I also brought a real, heavy-duty C-clamp. This is a gadget with a screw-in pusher that could exude enough pressure to easily squish a man’s testicle if one wanted to.

We grabbed a mattress from one of his childen’s rooms who were out of town with his wife that day, and dragged it into the living room, in front of his big screen. He found some generic porn and started it playing.

I had him lay down first. I noticed that his crotch was more shaved than usual. Usually, he keeps the hair on his balls totally shaved, but the rest of that area just trimmed short. Today, it was totally removed, which I like. I started off with some very gentle tickling of his scrotum and frenulum area with the corner of a sheet of toilet paper. It took him a while to get hard, but I could tell he was very much enjoying it anyway.

After a while I let go of the toilet paper, and started fooling around with the toys. The first was the gluing clamp. Wrapping a washcloth over the tip of his penis to protect the skin from any sort of pinching, I slowly applied the clamp over the entire glans of his penis, Ever so slowly I loosened my grip until it was entirely clamped on his dick. He winced a bit, but took the full pressure, letting me know that he was totally enjoying the experience. After just letting the clamp hang there for a bit while I fondled his scrotum, I grabbed the clamp again, and shook it for a half-minute or so. He seemed to like that, but I could tell it wasn’t having any real effect.

Suddenly, I removed the clamp. He jumped. If you’ve never had the experience, being clamped is OK, but when it is removed, it is a momentary sharp pain. That can be a surprise, since you’d think removing it would simply relieve the sensation.

Then, I put the washcloth over one of his testicles, and slowly applied the clamp. I was able to let go of all the pressure, but I discovered the clamp had only grabbed his scrotum. The ball had scooted out of the way. So, I found a thin cord, and tied his balls so they were trapped in his scrotum. I tried applying the clamp with the washcloth again, but couldn’t see what I was doing, and again, the clamp missed the target.

With Carl’s permission, I tried again without the cloth. I was able to get his left testicle perfectly, and slowly, ever so slowly, released the clamp. He winced and bucked momentarily, but urged me to continue. Finally, the clamp was exuding it’s full potential on his left nut, which was squished down to about 1/2-inch (13mm) in thickness. Carl was in heaven, as he expressed to me, and as I could see by his now fully-erect penis.

We then took a look at the shrink wrap tubing, but both decided the edges were too sharp for sounding.

Instead, we worked on the aquarium tubing, and did manage to get one end smoother, but not as smooth as we’d like. The finest sandpaper was 120 grit. Carl found a leather belt, and we tried burnishing the end of the tubing, and that seemed to make it smoother. The other end of the tube, about 8 or 10 feet (3m) long, was cut at a bit of a diagonal, and we sanded it only momentarily.

We treated the tubing, my hands and Carl’s dick with alcohol, then let it dry. Using a liberal amount of lube, I tried to introduce the tubing into his penis. Just like last time, it was hard to start, because his peehole is particularly small. Finally, it popped through the opening. He jumped a bit. I started working the tubing down in, but he was sensitive, or more specifically, aquarium tubing isn’t really the best thing to introduce into a man’s urethra, and so it was slow going. I pulled it out to check progress, and it had gone in only about 4 inches (10cm). I lubed it again, and started introducing it back in again. Again, it took a bit to get it to pop into the opening. Once that was done, I put my mouth on the far end and applied some air pressure. My thought was that the pressure would precede the end of the tubing, kind of pressing the urethra open to ease passage. At one point, I blew a bit too hard apparently, because we could hear the air kind of fart out of his peehole, and he jumped. I asked if it hurt. He said ‘not really,’ it was just a surprise sensation.

Using the air pressure it did start going in better, and pretty soon, he said he could feel it pressing against his first sphincter. But at that point, I couldn’t press more. There was too much resistance in my opinion, and I didn’t want to cause injury. Trying more air pressure, I felt some vibration as the air pressed past his inner sphincter and into his bladder. He really liked that, but we were both concerned that it might not be a good idea to put too much air in his bladder. Besides, the air coming from my mouth might contain bacteria, and an operation of this sort should always be quite sterile. (In other words, don’t try this at home unless you are as crazy as Carl.) One can get a roaring infection from this sort of play, one that’s difficult to clear up, even potentially fatal.

Anyway, we figured we were done with the tubing. Now, it was my turn. I laid on the mattress, and he started doing similar things with me, starting with the super-light tickling with the corner of toilet paper. I got hard fairly quickly, which was nice, because of two things: 1) I often don’t get hard as soon as I’d like when playing with other men and 2) I had not been in all that horny of a mood when I arrived. I would have been content just to play with Carl the whole time, or so I thought when the evening started.

Carl then grabbed the gluing clamp, and placed it directly on my frenulum, grabbing all the skin on the underside of my dick just below the head. First, he pulled gently, lifting my dick up by the trapped skin. Then he started shaking the clamp, and the penis it was holding. Just shaking back and forth an inch, for quite a long time. It was great! I could have had an orgasm just from that if he had kept it up.

But he didn’t. After a couple of minutes, he abruptly removed the clamp. Remember what I was saying about clamp removal? That hurt! Oh, only for a minute, and not that bad. In fact, I believe it enhanced the experience.

At my request, he gave me a firm ball massage. I like it to hurt just a bit, and he has become an artist at it. He knows just exactly how much to squeeze.

Next he put on some oil (it had all been dry until now), and started in on some glans rubbing. I love this, even though it is almost impossible to take. It makes me jitter, squirm, and want to get away, yet on the other hand it is absolutely delightful. After a while it transmutes into a calmer, very enjoyable feeling. Kind of a cross between ‘gotta pee’ and ‘gonna cum,’ mixed in with an ongoing deep tickling sensation. One guy I did this to actually did start peeing, involuntarily, from the sensation. Even though the ‘gonna cum’ feeling is there, most don’t actually ejaculate. The sensation is so intense that it kind of shuts down the possibility of ejaculation. If one can stand it, it is most delightful.

Carl didn’t let me calm down. As soon as he saw me settling in, he’d change his grip a bit, vary the pressure, or use some stroking of the sides of my glans to keep up the intensity of the sensation. To my great satisfaction, he kept it up for perhaps ten whole minutes. (Or, in metric: 10 minutes.)

At this point, I had to pee, and we were excited to try our experiment again. We took the tubing and went into his bathtub. He put the smooth end of the tube a good 6 inches (15cm) into his dick, and I tried to put the sharper end into mine. It kind of stung at one inch (2.5cm) in, but I kept trying, and finally got it in about 4 inches (10cm). I let out some pee, but it didn’t go in the tube for some reason, but rather squirted out around it, spraying on Carl’s belly and on the shower wall. I gripped the end of my dick better, and tried again. This time, I could feel, and we could see the urine shooting down the tubing. But it kind of hurt, and oddly, the urine was flowing in flutters. I guess the diagonal end of the tubing was being alternately opened and closed as my urethra was pressed against it by the pee pressure. I pulled the tube out just a few millimeters, and that seemed to solve the problem. The pee pressure was still a bit painful on the inside of my dick, but it was flowing. The tube filled fully, and we could see the pee going into Carl’s bladder. He said that at first he felt kind of an internal farting sensation as the air from the tubing flowed in.

We were able to only get a couple of ounces in because the tubing was hurting my dick to the point where I thought it might be injurious, so I quit. We removed the tubing, and I finished my urination by peeing into the bathtub. We cleaned up our urine soaked feet in the tub, and dried off. Carl stepped up to the toilet, and had a long, high-pressure pee. I had been wondering what it would be like when he peed with his small diameter peehole, and was surprised to see a wide, robust stream. We finished cleaning up and returned to the mattress in the living room. So, as to the urine transfer experiment, we’ll have to work on our engineering, and perfect it another time. We certainly enjoyed the experience, however.

We got him back on the mattress, and I performed a number of operations including testicle massage, frenulum pulling and glans rubbing, all of which he enjoyed. But he wasn’t fully hard. I knew what he wanted, and was happy to provide: I slowly worked my fist into his butt until I was fully in, while simultaneously stroking his penis. Soon he came with a nice, strong orgasm. I had been wanting to notice whether I could feel his orgasmic contractions with my hand fully in his rectum, but no, I could not feel the contractions there. I was surprised. I did, however, feel strong contractions with my other hand which was holding his dick.

After he came, I left my hand in his anus and continued stroking his penis, but slowly and very gently, watching his face for a reaction. It was intense, and he was able to take it, to enjoy it, for about two minutes, until it was just too much. I slowly removed my hand and we cleaned up again.

I asked him whether he was ‘too done’ because as you may know, after a man ejaculates, sometimes the mood changes. But no, he really wanted to see me cum. Well, I was only too happy to comply!

And now, it was time for the main thing I had requested. The last time we played, he tried pushing the tip of his little finger into my penis. It had hurt, but felt amazingly nice at the same time. This time, I wanted him to go beyond what he had done last time. His finger only went part way to the first knuckle last time. I was hoping to get past the first knuckle. He applied alcohol, let it dry, then oil, and started in. I was hoping he might get his finger in past that first joint, and I’d cum while his finger was in there. Blocked cum always intrigues me. Years ago, I thought it was impossible or at least dangerous, but no, it’s OK.

So, he pressed and he twisted, and although it felt stingy at times, it was great. My penis was hard as a rock, which made his job easier. But as hard as he and I tried, the finger would not go all the way in. We took our time, and a couple of times, I had to have him stop momentarily, so i wouldn’t ejaculate. I had him continue each time after only two or three seconds. The best way to do edging is to get very close, but let off only for a very short time before continuing, so the orgasmic feeling remains. With practice, one can be in continuous orgasm for minutes at a time. Oh, it wasn’t that way this night. It was more stop and go, but I was certainly enjoying having my peehole fucked by his finger.

Suddenly, it was too much, and I started cumming! It was a remarkably intense orgasm, and I was bucking up and down so much that I accidentally pulled my penis off his finger tip, and came all over my stomach. He tried to keep stroking me, but only after a minute or so, it was too much, and I asked him to stop. Next time, I’m going to try to last longer after cumming.

It was a great evening, even though we never used the C-clamp. We talked about a couple of things as I put on my clothes, said our goodbyes, and I headed home. We’ll do it again soon, and I’ll keep you posted.

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