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A New Kind of Sex

My wife introduced me to a new kind of sex. I can’t believe I didn’t find out about this until over sixty years of age! But oh well, we can do it now. Lots of it.

Like many married couples, over the years, we had crazy sex in our early years, then more and more normal sex less and less often as the years went by. My wife seems totally OK with that, but I have felt the loss at times.

Oh, I’ve done ‘things.’ In fact, you may have read some of my stories here on ProWank. But one night a couple of months ago, I was particularly horned up, and resigned to rubbing myself in bed next to my wife while she fell asleep. She says she enjoys the rhythm of the bed shaking as I do that. But, I’d much rather have her participate somehow. And that night, she did.

She rolled over, mellow but evidently not particularly sleepy, and announced she was going to show me ‘a kind of sex.’ I had no idea what she had in mind, but I was all for anything to do with sex. And a ‘new kind?’ Oh, wow!

As we laid side by side on our backs, she reached over with her right hand and touched the head of my dick with her index finger ever so lightly. It was almost a tickle, but oh, so much sweeter. In no time, I was entirely hardened up.

Normally, we’d then graduate to me doing something of a masturbatory nature to her, and then on to some rather ordinary version of penetrative sex. But not tonight. She kept up the super-light touching for quite a while. Then she touched my frenulum, the bit of skin just under the glans (head of the penis) on the dorsal side – now facing up as my penis laid against my belly, but usually facing down when one is standing). This was amazing. Next, she started pinching the frenulum between her thumb and forefinger, and pulling it up gently, lifting my hard penis off my belly. This was great.

I never realized such a simple thing could feel so good. Have someone do it to you some time. For best results, keep it up (literally) for several minutes.

This is when she explained that I wasn’t expected to ejaculate. In her ‘new kind of sex’ she fondles me for quite a while. I stay hard, but I don’t cross over into the orgasmic stage.

I didn’t think it would be very enjoyable, figuring I’ve got to orgasm, or I’ll never get to sleep. Right? But I went with it. Because after all, what she had been doing for the past ten minutes was truly exquisite. During the next half hour or so, she lightly tickled my scrotum, then she massaged my balls somewhat more firmly, but still quite gently. Then more of the light fingertip touches of the glans. Then a bit of light, short stroking. Then sort of glans massage – essentially rolling my glans around in her fingertips. And she repeated those variations in random order for a while.

Surprisingly, I never really felt like ejaculating. But I felt something equally nice. I think the word might be sensual. My penis stayed rock hard except for a couple of minutes when my mind drifted momentarily to a slightly troubled grandchild. But then I sprang back to life.

After a while, she slowed down and stopped. She had fallen asleep with her hand wrapped around my penis. A few minutes later, I fell asleep also, and slept a wonderful, peaceful night. I think as I fell asleep, my dick was still totally erect, something new for me.

True, I woke up horny the next morning, but the ‘new kind of sex’ turned out to have been a wonderful way to spend the evening. We have done it several times since.

As a volunteer, I teach card games, mathematics, and Spanish in continuing (adult) education. If I had the gumption, I’d start a new class: “A New Kind of Sex.” In that class, after signing consent forms, we’d have couples not only learn the techniques in theory, but we’d have lots of group practice sessions. Maybe even have a ‘graduate’ program where we experiment with new skills.

I haven’t yet decided whether the classes should be open only to committed couples, or whether we could assign partners or allow people to mix and match. I think gay couples should be allowed too, of course. What about committed couples mixing it up in class? I think that would be OK as long as all parties are in agreement, and that it is considered a classroom activity, nothing more. Would you like to sign up for my class?

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