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A Day at the Y

OK, so I’m a member of the YMCA. Some say it is not a ‘real’ gym, but it certainly works for me, and I much prefer $35 a month to $100 a month. I was there about a year ago, and as usual, after a good workout, I hit the shower.

There are men there of all ages, from small children through seniors. There are usually at least six guys in there. On this occasion, there were no kids but more than the average amount of men. As I recall, there were two gray-haired gents, one quite heavyset, a couple of guys my age, and bunch of guys who looked to be college age. I think they had just finished playing in a basketball league practice. All the guys except the heavyset fellow were quite athletic-looking.

I secretly congratulate him, however, for being willing to start working out and taking care of himself.

Anyway, at first I didn’t realize what I was seeing. One of the young guys in the shower was sporting a full erection, and acting as if nothing was wrong. I caught myself staring, and looked away, somewhat embarrassed.

Then I was thinking: Who should be embarrassed here? How about the guy with the hardon? Then, thinking it through a bit more: No, of course he should not be embarrassed. He was having a normal reaction, and was bold enough to let it be absolutely natural, there in the shower room. (Way to go, Dude!)

He may or may not be gay. Just about anyone can get an erection from seeing a bunch of naked people, of any sex. Or just having a private thought can often bring on an erection. Of course us men work on not having erections in inappropriate settings, and most have mastered it fairly well. But still, it is a wonder that men don’t get hardons at the Y more often.

So there I was trying hard not to stare at the fellow, and wondering why his buddies weren’t kidding him, snickering, or something like that. But they didn’t. I guess they were properly polite, empathetic, whatever. Good guys. I can imagine what my friends and I would have done at that age if one of us sprung an erection in a public shower with all men. It would have been Heckle City.

The plot thickened. The guy continued to shower, waving his erection around, seemingly proudly. Then a couple of other guys started to chub up. Then I swelled up too – well, a little bit. Barely noticeably, really.

The guy then took some of the liquid soap the Y is so fond of supplying, and applied it to his genitals, and gave them a good hard (if you know what I mean) washing. Right there, in front of everyone!

Finally, his friends started talking. First a simple, friendly, “Hey Kirk!”

Then, to my astonishment, one guy said, “Looking good there, Kirk.”

Now, in my day, that would have been construed by my friends as a gay comment. Of course we were all wrong to think that way, but that’s the way it was.

Some of his other buddies started saying similar simple little complimentary-like things. This seemed to encourage the heavyset older fellow. I happened to look back in his direction, and he was now fully erect also. And, to my utter shock, he was jerking off.

The first time I looked, he was just slightly pulling on his penis, but a couple of minutes later, he was stroking hard and fast. And no one seemed to care.

Next thing I know, a couple of the young guys were joining in the fun. I couldn’t quite tell with all the soap and water and all, but it seems one of them squirted almost right away. Within a few minutes, the others had ejaculated as well, right onto the shower floor.

Some of the guys didn’t participate. I don’t know why. Perhaps they just weren’t in the mood. Perhaps they had jerked off earlier in the day. Or, maybe they were disgusted, shy, religiously hung-up, or had similar issues. I certainly hope not, although I have to say I was one of them.

I was just too, je n’est ce quoi, to do that in front of people. My loss! Really! I wish I had the moment over again. In retrospect, I would have loved to been more in the moment. freer, less concerned with ‘what will people think,’ and wanked with those guys.

The moment ended all too soon, and one by one, the guys left the shower and dressed in the locker room.

I’ve been back to the Y many times. Way more often than usual. The excuse is that extra exercise is good for me, but I’m secretly hoping the situation will happen again. So far, nothing of the sort has happened at all.

Oh, I wish I was more of an exhibitionist. I mean, if I ever want anything like that to happen again, I may have to be the one to start things off. I have jerked off – at home – several times, imagining myself being the ringleader in the YMCA shower.

I come in. There’s just the right mix of guys in there. I purposely let my dick become erect in the shower, and everyone sees it. I then start jerking off, right there under the shower spray in front of all those strangers. No one shows disgust. No one expresses anything negative. In fact, in my fantasy, a couple of guys congratulate me, egg me on, and start participating with me.

Oh, I’d love that, but so far, I’m a million miles away from actually doing any such thing. I also unfortunately imagine that someone might express disgust, yell at me, even call the authorities, get me thrown out of the Y or something like that. Too bad, eh?

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