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A 13-Year-Old Performs Exercises For Phimosis

The picture above is a shaved, semi-erect adult penis with phimosis.
The foreskin completely covers the glans.

Another story from a client.

A note to readers: Please don’t take this article as any sort of inspiration to do anything sexual with underage people. Even the seemingly simplest acts can have surprisingly negative life-long psychological consequences.

Your story about the adolescent who had phimosis and had to endure exercises from his mother is so strikingly similar to my story, I’ll just have to tell you what happened with me.

Same thing. I was around 13. We weren’t particularly nudists. In fact, I don’t think I remember seeing my parents nude at all in my early years. But it was fine for me to stay naked after a bath, maybe doing my homework in my room on a warm summer evening. And, my mom would drop in, or my sister or whatever, and no one had any issues with nudity. Even erections. I don’t really remember, but I must have had erections from time to time. I mean, I was 13! What 13-year-old isn’t erect at odd moments, several times a day?

But it was such a non-event, that I don’t remember anyone saying anything about it.

Except one day, my mom brought in some chocolate milk and as she sat the glass down, I backed away from my computer a bit on my rolling chair. I hadn’t been looking at porn or anything. Oh, I had seen it surrepticiously, so I knew what it was, but my parents banned that. If I had been caught looking at porn, I probably would have been grounded – without the computer – for a week. But I did have an erection for some reason.

No big deal, right? But on that particular occasion, she knelt down next to me, and said something like, “Let me see that thing.” I thought she meant something on the computer screen. But no, she was talking about my erect penis. I had just started to grow two or three straggly hairs around the base, and so I figured that was something that was somehow important to her. Like, ‘her boy is growing up’ or something.

But no, that wasn’t it. She asked if I could retract my foreskin. I didn’t really know what that meant, so she reached out, and put her thumbs and fingers on my penis, and pulled the foreskin down.

“Ouch,” I immediatly protested, and practically fell backward out of my chair. She said, “Sorry.”

Then, more gently, and reassuring me that she wouldn’t do quite that again, she pulled the foreskin down only a little bit. Then, she let go, and left the room. In thinking back, I remember that her momentary attention felt rather nice. Kind of like a super-good tickle.

I didn’t think anything more about it. After all, moms are always doing embarrassing things, like wiping your face when you’re hanging with friends, or whatever.

Next thing I know, I have appointment with the pediatrician. WTF? There was nothing wrong with me, and I had a checkup only a few months ago. I was quite concerned she was going to give me a shot, and the last time that happened, my arm ached for two days. I needn’t have worried. Instead, she asked my mom to remove my underwear. This was weird. The doctor took like a 5-second look at my dick, pulled the foreskin back just a little bit, and then said, “Yes, phimosis, but it is minor.”

That’s the first time I ever heard that word, but certainly not the last.

It turns out, that’s a tightening of the foreskin. Some guys are just born with it. I guess most are circumcised – another word I hadn’t heard before. Soon enough, I found out what a scary idea that was.

While I continued sitting sideways on the doctor’s table, still naked from my T-shirt on down, and feeling worried and embarrassed, the doctor told my mom there were two things we could do: Circumcision or exercises. After a brief explanation to me, my mom (thank goodness!) asked what I’d prefer.

Well, I’m sure you can figure out which one I chose. No one was going to cut anything off my dick, thank you very much! But my mom put on her serious face, and said, “But you’ve got to do those exercises diligently, every day. If you don’t, it’s circumcision for you, Bub!”

Oh, heck yes, I was going to do the exercises. They sounded kind of OK in a way, but I was worried that they would hurt. After all, when you have your foreskin pulled forcefully down, it does hurt – at least if you have phimosis.

But a week later, I hadn’t done anything. I kind of forgot about the whole issue.

My mom asked, and I had to admit I had done nothing. I don’t lie to her. She got kind of loud, and told me, “This is serious. You get started on this right away, or else!” I knew what the or-else was, so I was worried.

Still, I didn’t do the exercises. I guess I meant to, but it slipped away from my mind. This was baseball season after all.

When she found out that I still hadn’t done anything, she told my dad. They had a long talk in their bedroom, but I mostly didn’t hear anything except some muted voices, and didn’t give it any thought really.

The next day, when my dad came home from work, he said, “Sam, we need to talk.” Oh, oh. What had I done now? He sat in my swivel chair, while I lounged on top of my bed, and he seemed kind of embarrassed about something. Then he launched in. “Sam, we’ve got to do something about your phimosis.”

“Why?” I asked.

“For a couple of reasons. One, it is hard to keep the area under your foreskin clean and you could end up with an infection. But there’s another reason too. When you start to have sexual relations (the last thing I could imagine wanting at the time), it will be important to you.

Well, adults can be annoying with the things that seem so important to them.

“Your mom informs me that you are still doing nothing.” I guess he meant the exercises.

“Sammy, I think you have the wrong idea about those exercises. You may come to find they’ll be very enjoyable.”

I seriously doubted that.

Well, to keep a long story as short as possible, let’s fast forward a bit.

I did learn to do the exercises. And, to my delight, I did find them quite enjoyable. The first time was under my dad’s supervision. Oh, he didn’t touch anything or do anything, but he did coach me. The general idea was that I had to get erect, then pull the foreskin back, absolutely as far as I could without it hurting too much, and hold it for 30 seconds, release it, let it rest for another 30 seconds, then repeat. Ten times. Twice a day.

In the beginning, and you may be surprised to hear this, I didn’t find it pleasurable. Sometimes it was difficult to get an erection on demand. Doing the exercises with a soft dick didn’t have much effect. So, I would skip the exercises all too often. So my dad, then my mom, and finally my older sister took to watching me. We kept a chart on the refrrigerator. They were all quite clinical about it. No one ever touched me, or did anything inappropriate or sexual. In retrospect, I might have enjoyed it if they had:)

In time, something strange happened. I started looking forward to the exercises. It was no longer a chore to get the penis hard. It was usually hard right when I started. I started noticing a very nice feeling from the erection that I can’t really explain. There’s something about having it hard and solid in front of you, especially with various family members watching, that’s rather nice. Sometimes, as I was doing the exercises, I’d get a rather intense, sort of like tickling sensation. I liked that.

One day, while my sister was on the watching duty, and complaining about it because she’d rather be doing something else, a very weird thing happened. The tickle became very, very intense, and my penis pulsed a few times. That’s the best way I can explain it. I didn’t say anything to her, and she didn’t notice anything different.

Over the next couple of weeks, I was hoping that whatever that was would happen again. Finally, on my dad’s watch, it did. I asked him about it, and to my surprise, he got kind of red in the face and stumbly in his answer. “That was an orgasm, son.” I kind of knew what that was from the bit of porn I’d seen, and from schoolyard conversations. I think he knew, because he didn’t say anything else about it.

For some reason, he quit supervising. Come to think of it, so did my mom and sister. At the time, I just thought it was because they trusted me to do the exercises on my own. And, there’s no way I’d skip the exercises now. They felt great. And, I was making noticeable progress. The foreskin was slipping back further. Now, rather than just a quarter-inch circle showing of my peehole at the top of my glans, it was nearly a half-inch circle. I liked the progress. But when I think back now, I realize they were all figuring it wasn’t such a good idea for family to be involved in my orgasms.

About the time I could pop the foreskin back entirely behind my glans, and then, if I was patient, I could pop it back over again, something else happened. The orgasms had been more and more frequent, and I have to say, feeling ever better. And on one occasion, a drop of clear fluid came out. I knew exactly what it was, and was very excited about it.

At dinner that night, I told the whole family. I don’t know what I was expecting. Maybe, “We’re all so proud of you Sammy.” But no. All I got was something from my dad, like “That’s natural, son.” My mom and sister quickly changed the conversation.

About a year later, I had absolutely no phimosis left, and had been ejaculating regularly. Never-the-less, I have kept up the exercises to this day. I mean, I wouldn’t want the phimosis to come back or anything.

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