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25 Times and Still Not Right

Most Saturday afternoons find me at Mark’s house. His wife and my wife take the kids and go out shopping. He and I hang back, sometimes we put on a game, sometimes we put on porn, sometimes we don’t even bother with the TV. We turn up the heat, get naked, and start jerking off, either side by side on his sofa, or one of us might be in the recliner facing the sofa. We’ve never touched each other – yet.

But here’s the thing. We’re practicing cumming at the exact same time. We try to coordinate by watching and talking. Let’s say he’s coming up slowly. I’ll try to hold off, or visa versa. I’ll watch how much his muscles are tensing, whether he’s starting to arch his back or anything. I might say, “Oh, I’m close,” or maybe he’ll say, “I’m gonna cum in the next few seconds.”

We’ve never got it right yet. It’s either him or me first. Sometimes we’re only seconds apart, but we’ve never cum at the same time.

There’s a reward at the end of the tunnel. When we manage to cum at the same time, we’re going to move on to the next step. We’ll stand or lay side by side so our dicks are together and parallel. then one of us will stroke both dicks.

Then, the day we manage to cum together in that configuration, we’ll move on to something else. We’ve tentatively decided we might try 69 concurrent blowjobs.

What’s after that? Who knows?

Oh, yes, our wives know about it. They endorse it because they’re not as sexual as we are, This takes the pressure off them.

Yup, it’s kind of ritualistic, I know, but hey, that’s our thing, OK?

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